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Project Evo: The Basics: Part 1

Author: Mark Modaressi
Page: 2
Last Updated: 5/10/2003

One word best describes the Defi boost gauge... quality. All Defi gauges come with the required parts to install the unit into your vehicle.  The only splicing needed was for the control unit (4 wires total - constant power, ignition on, lighting, and ground), but after that, it's a plug and play affair. The boost gauge came with all fittings, harnesses, hoses, and the sender to make for a clean install.  The installation instructions were in Japanese, but SPI Power Excel has a set in English that you can print off their site.

We chose to install the boost gauge on the steering column for easier reading while driving. It's important to place the gauge in a location where you can still view the stock instrumentation.

Defi boost gauge column mounted for easy viewing from the driver's seat.  Click here to view a video clip of the startup sequence.

Once the gauge was installed, it was apparent how easy it was to read from the driver's seat. The numbers are very large and clear and the warning system notifies you if you exceed the max boost level (pre set by you). At night, the gauge lights up a bight green and while it doesn't match the stock amber gauges, the green illumination offsets just right... almost like having an Apline unit in the car.  To view the gauges lit up running the start up sequence please cick here.

We installed the Defi control unit on the driver's side of the center console for easy access. Our first order of business was to setup the warning level to help catch our attention in case of a spike in boost, etc. Using the control unit is a breeze, just click the select button to bring up the warning set feature for the gauge, then use the up and down buttons to adjust the warning value. The gauge that's rapidly blinking is the one that's being modified, so it's always easy to know what gauge your setting even with multiple gauges installed. Pressing select again will iterate through the rest of the gauges (if available).

The Defi control unit allows data recording, playback, peak readings, and warning settings to prevent a catastrophe.

With a large feature list including data recording, warning levels, and more, the Defi system has proven to become even more of an asset then we ever expected... and we thought gauges were just for fun :)

Stay tuned for part 2, when we relocate the stock head unit in order to fit a set of 3 Defi gauges and also add a turbo timer to help cool the turbo.

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SPI Power Excel
2 Industrial Drive, Unit F
Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735
(877) SHOP-SPI

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