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Review: Race Ramps

Author: Charles Juckett
Page: 1
Last Updated: 10/4/2006

Review: Race Ramps


When we first looked into this product, I admit I was a little skeptical on the price and claims.  Having had experience with other ramps purchased from local auto parts stores, I no longer looked at ramps as a viable option, especially for a low or lowered vehicle.  Normal ramps are typically steep, short, narrow, and have problems with staying put.  Another problem is that typical ramps, and jack stands for that matter, generally cannot be used on the dirt or grass.  The patented Race Ramps promised to solve all these problems and more.


Impressions and Description 

When we received these ramps, it is abundantly clear that a good amount of thought has gone into what would seem to be such a simple product.  It is also apparent that these are made with sports cars in mind based on the dimensions.  The ramps are formed from a solid one piece unit made from a high density poly styrene and are then completely coated in a thick and robust non skid surface.  Each ramp is rated to hold 1200lbs. 

Several different models are available, however for our needs we choose two 56” ramps and two Rollups to get all 4 wheels off the ground.  The 56” and 67” Race Ramps both feature an incline that is less than 11 degrees.  The advantage of the 67” ramps is an added 2” of height to a total of 10”.  All ramps are also quite wide to accommodate wide tires at 12-14" depending on model.  The Rollups are designed to be placed within the wheelbase to lift the opposite end of the vehicle. 


To test the claims made by Race Ramps, we tested these on the EvoM Project Evo.  The lowered Evo was able to easily ride up on the ramps with absolutely no slipping on a smooth concrete surface due to the unique coating.  In addition to this, clearance between the ramps and the vehicle was adequate.  We repeated this test in the grass with the same results as expected.  Due to the entirely flat bottom, there is no fear of sinking or digging in.  With all four wheels on the ramps we noted about 14” of ground clearance under the front of the vehicle leaving plenty of room to slide under the car on a creeper.  With the 67” ramps, this would be improved by another 2”.   Although they are not particularly small, we were able to fit them all in the Evo for track days.  Since they are so light and lack sharp edges, they will not damage the interior of the vehicle

In conclusion, this product has proven to be an excellent solution to get your stock or lowered Lancer up in the air to service it, whether you are on a grass paddock or in your garage.

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