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Injector Scaling and Latency (SUPERMERGE)

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Originally Posted by Mark1si View Post
Any info for ID1700 for 93?
You can find it on Injector Dynamic's website. This should give you a good start to begin dialing in your scaling and latencies.
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Originally Posted by forskin fred View Post
Latencies are NOT a fixed number
There's an opening delay, there's also a closing delay, it's the difference between the two.

There's 3 things that affect latency.
Nobody seems to mention them, no doubt because they don't actually understand.

1/ is the injector its self.
2/ is the circuitry used to drive the injector.
3/ is the fuel pressure.
The numbers are ALWAYS wrong. Fuel pressure makes a big difference.

No 1 is easy, you just google it.
No 2, well if google says that the results come from a Motec and you're using a Mitsubishi computer, the numbers won't be the same.
No 3 is what nobody mentions....There should be always EXACTLY 3 bar pressure across the injector.

You go fit a bigger pump, hotwire it, your idle fuel pressure is always too high (outflowing the regulator) so not only does it run too rich at low load (fuel trims pegged out) but the pressure varies with electrical load (voltage).....but you don't know because either you don't measure the pressure or if you try to convince yourself that it's correct when it's NOT.
Most Evo owners do not need to concern themselves with your 3 listed items as long as they have their latencies dialed in. Thanks for sharing. It's good info but not necessary. Besides, it's been mentioned years before you and I came on board on this forum. Do a search and please stop trolling threads.
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I am trying to tune Fic 2150s on 2d SD. 90556701
I used JB's latencies and scaling.

Min IPW = 1.104

Car fires up and idles around 17-16 AFR.
After a few seconds closed loop kicks in and car starts idling around 14.7 -15.

The problem is my STFT is varying between 18-24 ..

How can i make STFT close to + - 10 ? Do i have to increase Map volts to kpa and kpa to load around
idle and cruising loads ?

Please advise.
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Scaling for the fic 1550cc on pump 93 please

Originally Posted by tscompusa View Post
FIC Bluemax 1550cc

Scaling: 943 (E85) (2.0L)


I been trying to find the scalings for fic 1550cc on pump 93 can you please post then and thank you
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Add 30% to that scaling number for 93oct. We spoke on facebook
car #1: TSComp 2.4L BR Vband FF 6466 (10.26 @ 148.14 (3200lb) - E85 37psi)
car #2: 2009 GT-R FBO (10.81 @ 132.19 - 18psi / 93 octane)

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- 3425lb Evo IX 2.0L 6466 (9.86 @ 145.77)(Ronnie)

EcuTek Master Tuner for Nissan GT-R

For Scheduling Remote Tunes please visit: TSCOMPTUNED

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im trying to find the latency and scalings settings for my delphi 1260cc injectors on 91 octane and on e54. thank you
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