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Laza Jun 23, 2015 12:20 PM

HOWTO: MMCS map update (DVD)
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I've wanted to update the maps in MMCS since I got the car, because they were already two years old at that point. What kept me from doing it was the rather steep price of 340 at my dealership.

This changed when HERE started offering MMCS map updates, now the price was 189 so I decided to try it. 2008 maps started to feel a bit old and there have been so many new roads since...

The package includes a map update DVD, gracenote database CD and a single-use dongle.

When inserting the map DVD it starts the update process, and asks for the dongle. Once the dongle is inserted it's permanently programmed to function only with the car in question. Next, the updating process starts and it takes almost two hours (!). Fortunately it's well designed, it automatically resumes if the car is turned off during this time.

Even if the head unit SW version was updated from version "J" to "S" I don't notice any changes in functions or menus, wonder what this means in general.

Link to Europe maps is here

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