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SoCalRedLine Sep 11, 2016 11:46 PM

Put keyless ETACS into RS?
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Look...before you go all, "just put in an aftermarket keyless or alarm," just don't...

I have an alarm system. The keyless systems that are aftermarket (as well as the alarms) wear out much faster than factory, and I've had to replace relays and keyless boxes about every 3-5 years. It would be great to have a "factory" system that wires right up and I can rely on for my daily use...plus it would be nice to use factory key fobs.

My car looks and drives like a 100% stock, OEM Evo and I'd like to keep it that way for the next 5-10years. Not easy to find an unmolested 10yr old tuner car.

Here's what I have figured out:
-I have the factory wiring for the switches and door lock actuators already installed in my RS (thank you junkyard Evos)
-I have the non-keyless ETACS 8637AO-12 and would need to replace it with the MR5309 ETACS from a non-RS Evo/galant/endeavor/etc
-I would need a factory keyfob and program it to the new ETACS

anyone else know what would be needed here? Am I missing a step in some sort of immobilizer or some other thing that could make my vehicle a non-starter?

sullivan1337 Sep 27, 2016 10:50 PM

bump because going through something similar with my car currently.

SoCalRedLine Feb 11, 2018 07:08 PM

This works, btw. Took a little wiring and programming. But it works fine.

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