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Evo 8 Missing/Stuttering while Cruising (Log attached)

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Evo 8 Missing/Stuttering while Cruising (Log attached)


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Evo 8 Missing/Stuttering while Cruising (Log attached)

Been fighting this stutter/misfire issue for a while now. Finally got around to getting the computer logging so I could try to get some answers. During cruising, seemingly at any rpm/speed, the car will randomly jerk/cut out/stutter/misfire whatever you want to call it. I am not logging my wideband but it goes full lean when this occurs. Sometimes it is a quick blip, other times it lingers for a second and then the car will go back to normal. It has never happened during WOT although at times wot doesn't feel smooth.

List of what I've tried:
New plugs
New Coils
Different ECU
Omni Map Sensor installed
Injector Resistor pack
cleaning the injectors
new fuel filter
new fuel pump
new fuel pump housing
new MAF
Cam angle sensor
Crank position sensor
Swapped to Evo 9 BOV
Stock intake pipe and an extremepsi intake pipe (both w/K&N)
Switch to Speed Density (see log from first cruise still stuttering)

Background on the car, took it as a blown engine/jumped timing. Rebuilt the head, replaced the block, and put everything together. It ran 50-100 miles from there until this started. It has had several times where I'll replace a part and it'll go 50-100 miles before stuttering again. Other times, it's undriveable as I can't even go a block without it stuttering over and over.

It has thrown a PO120 code a few times (TPS) but it checks out with a multimeter.
What I see in the log is O2feedbacktrim will often 0 proceeding the injectorduty from going to 0 as well. As best I can tell these are those hiccup/stuttering points while driving. The front O2 will 0 out when the injectordutycycle and injectorpulsewidth 0 out. Maybe a dying front O2? I'm really at a loss and starting to wonder if there is a short in a wire somewhere, truly starting to think about cutting my losses.
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