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FiTRONIC Group Buy - STOCK ECU Flex Fuel Tuning/Hardware

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FiTRONIC - STOCK ECU Flex Fuel Tuning/Hardware



THE KIT + TUNING (3 maps - main/alt/blender)
$1100 Normal Customer
$1050 Military Customer

$1220 Normal Customer
$1170 Military Customer

Even cheaper pricing if we go through Venmo or something without Fee's! Save 3% more!

Brief description of what this is so others who aren't aware of it know what they are reading:

This is a true Flex Fuel program for the stock ecu, which will allow you to mix different fuels together and not have to worry about your tune going dangerous. With advanced blending tables for timing, fuel, boost, correction factors, we are able to make this happen safely. If you want to mix 91 or 93oct with E85 you can safely. As the ethanol content level drops, your blending tables take affect and adjust your tune to suite that specific ethanol content %.

The kit comes with a display which can read out every piece of information evoscan can from your OBD2 when connected to it. You can also connect your wideband sensor directly to it. The hardware is programmable and customizeable to allow other devices to be read off it as well. The hardware is fully updateable, therefore your software will never be out of date and can constantly be updated when updates are available.

FiTRONIC Kit Features:

Controller and ECU safety:
- Controller reads ethanol content and temperature and converts that to the ECU.
- In case of a sensor failure or a broken wire on the system, the system is commanded to place the ECU into a safe state mode.
- Drops boost.
- Drops timing.
- Adds fuel.
- Lights CEL.
- Safety functions protect any system failure during a wide open throttle pull. Sensor failure during a pull therefore doesn't cause any harm.

- Displays ethanol content and Fuel Temperature.
- Controller communicates with ECU via OBD port using Mitsubishi MUT protocol, This means display can show any ECU variable on display.
- Supports wideband controller's (like Innovate, AEM etc) serial interface and can display AFR. This means it can be your only gauge.
- Updateable firmware, Which means the product is always able to be updated if new software becomes present for it.
- Supports two (2) external 0-5V sensors like oil or fuel pressure and shows data on display.
- Display can show 1, 2 or 4 variable on one screen and this is (will be) user configurable via serial link between PC and controller.

Plug & play wiring kit with connectors:
- Sensor.
- OBD port.
- Power supply and ECU.

What you need extra:
- Ethanol sensor
- Hose for plumbing
- Quick connect fittings of your choice
- Fuel hose clamps

(We can provide all of this at an additional cost)

Recommended upgrades:
-Fuel pump
-Electronic boost controller (3 port)

In conclusion:
Not only does this kit offer these features, But the sending unit box also allows for you to attach any digital device that can send a signal. We can display these parameters in the ECU with Evoscan for example. If you want EGT, Oil Temp, Oil pressure, or anything of this nature, The software can be configured through our hardware to display these settings on the gauge and in Evoscan. Another words, the hardware is very powerful and fully customizeable!

In total we have around 12 cars on this device so far and more to be tuned soon.

A few examples below of vehicles on this device we tuned & advertised:


A Video of the hardware in action: Please note the -4% in the video was due to the kit being not seated properly in the ECU pin at the time. We resolved that shortly after.

There is no need to watch this entire video, but skim through it to get an idea what the hardware looks like in action. Display colors will vary from white to yellow.

Contents included in the kits:

Other Services:

Those who are local and want this kit installed and do not want to do anything themselves, we offer the install service for $200. We have installed the kit on over 5 Evo's to date at our shop and counting.

If you want to install the kit yourself, then drop your vehicle off at our shop (if you're within driving distance, you can do so at no additional charge to get your vehicle tuned.

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This is good!
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Old May 6, 2016, 10:09 AM
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I like this! Bump
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I'm in with tune.
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Old Jul 2, 2016, 02:33 AM
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This is no longer a group buy, but I made the pricing very good for all. I also updated the thread with new pictures.

PM me for purchasing! I have 10 kits coming in, And we have sold around 15 to date or slightly more.
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Old Jul 15, 2016, 05:57 AM
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We just got a bunch of FiTronic kits in stock. Contact me for one. They normally do not last more then a few weeks.

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Can you pm me a contact number. Im interested if this is still available
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Very nice! Is this an open-source kit (we get the ROM to flash in addition to sensors / ecu pin plug-in instructions)
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Will be installed in my car soon!
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Is a gm solenoid good enough for this system to control boost or would you recommend something else? Also to be clear the $1100 does not come with the ethanol sensor?
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The new pricing struture is as follows : $1220 = includes flex sensor, hoses, fuel line clamps, etc. ( complete plug and play system) (With tuning also).

$1100 = No hoses, fuel hose clamps, or sensor. (includes everything else).

Gm 3 port works just fine. Any brand 3 port that communicates and functions with the ecu is fine for this system to operate on. Pierburg, mac, etc.
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