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Today 08:42 PM

Hi im looking for a stock evo x gsr ecu calibration with just a 3 port boost solenoid need it to pass smog in CA if anyone can i help i really appreciate it thank you
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Today 08:42 PM

You welcome man, that's right, Tephra its a rom with modifications to customize advanced features and parameters, when you flash another rom all this features and parameters are overwrite I suggest...
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Today 08:41 PM

you guys are making this way too complicated. it's honestly no big deal - you need to reflash the ECU with a GSR program (bench flash) and you need to re-flash the Etacs coding (use etacs...
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Today 08:39 PM

You welcome, depends on which pin fails can cause both Evoscan and Ecuflash to malfunction
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Today 08:28 PM

Pretty sure you aren't suppose to double stack shims. Also bleed with the car running. The booster puts some pressure on the master that can cause problems if you bleed with the engine off. Napa...
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Today 08:23 PM

How many 18 point turns have you done so far? lol
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Today 08:21 PM

What rear diff is in the car? Also do you have any form of front aero?
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Today 08:16 PM

For competition yes, absolutely. When you're getting 1-1.5 events out of a set of tires you can easily get into $5-8k a year just for tires. But he's just talking about HPDE, way different world...
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Today 08:12 PM

Not necessary for the evo because the camber bolt has two settings and it can't slip. This is intended for other mac strut cars where the camber adjustment is a dynamic range and is controlled by...
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Today 08:03 PM

Where did you get that lip from ?
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Today 07:35 PM

Both fronts exhibiting inner tire wear? And youre confident toe is OK?
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Today 07:31 PM

Well, that is disappointing to hear. Been to many MOD's & numerous caravans down there Will be missed! Got this from SoCalEvO (dont even use the old forum anymore. Viewership / participation...
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Today 07:22 PM

Thanks for that, just slightly still confused on running both an EWG and IWG
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Today 07:20 PM

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Today 07:15 PM

Context https://timeline.com/la-smog-pollution-4ca4bc0cc95d I for one am happy not to live in Mordor ...
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Today 07:12 PM

Iíve searched around for a good bit and havenít found a solid answer that Iím comfortable with. I have an 05 GSR, 9MR 6 speed and an RS LSD non-ACD tcase (+stock clutch type rear lsd). None of it is...
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Today 07:07 PM

Wheel bearings? More far out: cracked wheel?
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Today 06:42 PM

Great info! I checked their website and there is the front mount only version and a set of 4 version. I will go back to OEM for now as my Evo X is a daily driver. I should have tried the Torque...
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Today 05:56 PM

Heres one of our more informative threads on the re-stack https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evo-engine-turbo-drivetrain/561850-rear-diff-clutch-plates-installed-incorrectly-factory-2.html
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Today 05:56 PM

also what kind of pistons. I would be doing the compression test ice cold, make sure plugs are dry, look inside the cylinder if you can and smell for fuel leaks before anything, You want nice...
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