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Motor Sports Parts Use this forum for all parts used in Motorsport competition. FS/WTB/WTT
Announcements in Forum : Motor Sports Parts
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Please Welcome New Members

Hi everyone,

Please welcome new members by replying to their introduction threads in the Evom Newbie/FAQ forum. Some of us may remember our first social media post or first post in a new community wondering what type of community we just joined. Also, Some new members spend a great deal of time composing an intro and we should as a community acknowledge the post and offer a warm welcome. Please check the new member posts when you have time. Thank you!


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Updated Forum Rules | Please Read

  1. If a thread becomes too long and makes it difficult for our members to search and/or quote from, a new thread (part 2, 3, etc) will be created and linked to the thread being closed.
  2. Unless specified otherwise, all rules apply to the entirety of EvolutionM.net, including forum posts, tags, blogs, user groups, photo albums, private messages to another, etc.
  3. The moderators and administrators of EvolutionM.net have the right to edit/open/close/move/delete any thread or post. Decisions are subject to moderator discretion. Disputes and questions about decisions made by moderators should be discussed via PM with a SuperMod or Admin.
  4. No advertising for any business unless you are registered with our site and are a representative of that company. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial screen names, threads, posts, avatars, profile information, and signatures. For advertising information please click here.
  5. Before posting a question, please conduct a search for an answer and check our FAQ forum. You should also read your owners manual. There is a wealth of information there that could answer your question.
  6. Marketplace rules:

    EvolutionM.net is in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site. EvolutionM.net provides a venue for our members to buy and sell vehicles and parts. Like any private transaction conducted via the internet, there are risks involved. Before entering in a transaction with another member, consider the costs and information being provided. Caveat emptor.
    1. The Marketplace section of the forum is for contributing members of the site. In order to post in the Marketplace you must have at least 5 on-topic posts in a technical forum (not show&shine, other cars, off topic, etc) or have been a member for 15 days. Post whoring to meet selling requirements is not permitted.
    2. All "For Sale" threads must be posted in the appropriate subforum of the Marketplace. All "For Sale" threads MUST INCLUDE:
      • You need a sign in the picture with the part you are selling. Using image manipulation software does not count.
      • Price
      • Accurate description of item and its current condition
      • Location of seller
      • Willingness to ship.
    3. Lowballing in the Marketplace is not allowed. This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper, or any inflammatory remarks.
    4. The Marketplace is only for automotive items which are intended for use on Lancer, Evolution, and/or Ralliart models.
    5. 'Group buys' by non-Vendors are not allowed.
    6. The merchandise that you are selling must be owned by you and in your possession. Selling items for friends/acquaintances is not permitted.
    7. If applicable VIN number - Transmissions, Shortblocks, body parts which have VIN numbers on them. A picture of your username/date next to the visible VIN number is required. VIN should also be in the FS post in plain text.
    8. We encourage you to use the iTrader feature to view other members feedback prior to entering transactions. Although this can be an indicator for trustworthiness, it should not be considered a guarantee. We also encourage you to leave feedback for completed transactions. Leaving feedback is not required, however, and the choice not to leave feedback is not considered a valid reason to leave negative or neutral feedback for another party.
  7. Absolutely no postings of nudity or sexually explicit materials, including links to sites with pornographic material and/or inappropriate banners/ads. EvolutionM.net is "work friendly" and any images, avatars, and links deemed unacceptable will be removed.
  8. Circumventing the inappropriate language filter is forbidden. This includes text substitution and images with filtered words.
  9. No bashing vendors, shops, or other websites without just cause. Before posting a vendor complaint, contact an Administrator or SuperMod to begin the process. EvolutionM.net staff will attempt to resolve any issues between the vendor and customer through mediation, within reasonable limits. EvolutionM.net reserves the right to determine when just cause has been proven.
  10. EvolutionM.net is an english-speaking forum. The contents of every message SHOULD be written with proper English. If you have been warned and the content is not corrected within 24 hours, your message will be deleted. The international forums are allowed to use some native language but entire threads may not be in a language other then English.
  11. Thread titles and hyperlinks should give an honest description of the content inside. Thread titles are subject to the same rules as posts, and should not have any derogatory comments towards any race, gender, sexuality, ethnic background, or age. Posting misleading links is not permitted.
  12. All issues with members should be taken up by email or through the use of our pm system. If you like, you may contact a moderator or staff member to mediate.
  13. Flaming will not be tolerated for any reason. Name-calling is not acceptable. Moderator's judgment applies here. "You are wrong" is not a personal attack; "You are an idiot" is.
  14. New thread topics should be posted in the correct forum with an accurate description. Topics posted in the wrong forum will either be moved or deleted without moderator notification. If you cannot locate your thread, view your User Control Panel or started threads in your profile. If it is not listed it was deleted.
  15. Tech forums are here to answer important technical questions. Questions lacking technical merit will either be deleted or moved to a suitable forum. Advanced forums are more restrictive; content without significant technical merit will be deleted or moved to basic forums. Replies to technical threads should include suitable answers, additional technical content, or related questions. Replies with useless and/or unrelated comments or questions will be deleted.
  16. No cross posting allowed. Do not copy the text from your new thread to another thread in a different forum. You may copy the link to your first thread and post that in another forum if you feel that the topic is related.
  17. EvolutionM.net does not tolerate nor condone illicit activities. This includes, but is not limited to, street racing or excessive speeding (no street pulls, no street testing, no "private roads"), defeating "locked" ECM features, distributing, selling, or trading of copyrighted materials, promoting illegal activities, and organizing events conducive to illegal activities. Street racing is any competition or illegal exhibition of speed on roads that are open to the public. Rule of thumb: if its not a sanctioned event with an overseeing body (NHRA, NASA, SCCA, etc.) or on an official track (dragway, road course, AX). Then don't post it here.
  18. No posting of copyrighted or proprietary information without consent. This includes software, images, movies, videos, music, service/repair manuals, vendor maps, and other copyrighted materials of which the poster is not the copyright holder. Linking to copyrighted files, torrents that distribute copyrighted materials, or sites which unlawfully distribute copyrighted or proprietary materials is not permitted. Log files (such as evoscan) are permitted, but use of log files to flame or discredit a vendor will result in deletion of the logs and/or the thread in it's entirety.
  19. Using the PM system to solicit non-vendor sales or to circumvent any of the site rules or policies is strictly prohibited. Any member engaging in this activity will be banned.
  20. Multiple screen names is strictly forbidden. Contact a staff member to request a name change and/or account change. Any member found to be posting under two screen names will be banned for a minimum of 7 days and the additional accounts will be removed. Any repeat offense of this rule will result in a permanent ban of all accounts.
  21. You are responsible for your account. Anything posted under your account is yours. Do not share your account, password, or other login information with others. When using a shared computer, make sure you log out when you are done on the site.
  22. Carfax requests are not allowed.
  23. Signature rules:
    1. All rules that apply to regular posts apply to signatures as well. Words or phrases that would be deemed inappropriate at work are inappropriate for signatures as well.
    2. Only members who have met the requirements to post in the market place may advertise automotive related items for sale in their signatures. Any items listed for sale in signatures should include a link to a valid thread/post in the Marketplace forum.
    3. Signatures should not be too large and must be easily read by everyone. Long paragraphs, excessive font sizes, massive lists, and obnoxious fonts/colors are discouraged and the staff may request you shorten it. If you wish to document your entire build, create a thread and link to the first post.
    4. Baiting, flaming or derogatory remarks toward another member will be removed. This includes quotes from posts that were removed.
    5. No commercial links of any kind or business contact information without being a vendor.
  24. Events:
    1. An event is considered “For-Profit” if money is collected to attend or participate
    2. For-Profit events must be authorized by the EvolutionM advertising staff and may require a vendor package. Contact one of the Staff for approval.
    3. For-Profit events that will not require a vendor package include motorsports events and shows that specifically include Lancers. These events may not be used as a tool to promote any other non vendor business.
    4. Local and National meets, BBQs, etc must not reference any non vendor business.
    5. Dynos days, tuning days, and other paid service event require a vendor account
    6. Exceptions – Members may discuss any event as long as they are not promoting it on behalf of themselves or another party.
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Well look, I already told you! I deal with the ******* members so the admins don't have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?
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