255/55/18 Bfgoodrich KO2ís on 2017 Outlander GT

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255/55/18 Bfgoodrich KO2ís on 2017 Outlander GT

Hey guys! New to the forum, excited to get started! Didnít see a sub for regular Outlanders, just figured Iíd post here because I know there are a lot of owners asking the same question I was... what is the biggest tire I could fit on the stock rims without rubbing.

Always wanted to do some light overlanding with the family, bought a 2017 Outlander GT S-AWC new and was disappointed by the lack of off-road products and info available for the car. I lurked your forums for a while looking for info on the biggest tire I could fit on stock wheels without rubbing... found a thread but the 235/60/18 suggestion wasnít as aggressive as I wanted. Really wanted info on the 255/55/18 so I could put some proper A/T tires on my Outie. Every time I measured it out, felt like the tires would fit... but since nobody had done it yet, feared that was a answer in its self.

Stumbled upon two almost new 255/55/18 BFG KO2ís on offerup for $140, decided at that price it was worth the gamble to see if they fit. If they didnít fit, figured I could unload them on a Subie owner. Went to my local Discount tire and told them what I was planning... all the guys told me it was not going to fit. Welp, I did it anyways and to everyoneís surprise... They fit! All the guys at the shop were crowding around the car amazed, complimenting how it looked... was super cool. Ordered the other two for a matching set and here are the results!

Test fit.



Have driven 50 miles and no issues yet with rubbing... You can definitely feel the tread, not as smooth of a ride... and a hum at 40+ mph that gets louder as you go faster... but, they look fantastic, feel invincible driving the thing, itís the beginnings of a battle ready zombie apocalypse mobile lol.

I opted for the BFGís, but Nitto makes the Terra Grappler g2 in the same size and a little cheaper.

Also did a little more research to find a lift kit. Just ordered a 1.5Ē spacer kit from Fat Bobís Garage in Utah. Theyíve built 2 Outies with the kit (1 dealer car, 1 customer) so far, and was told the customer loves it... has 10,000 miles on it with heavy off-road use and has had no problems with it yet. I paid $211 shipped for the kit and will receive it next week. Will keep yíall posted on the install. Here are some pics of the dealer install from their Facebook page. The kit is not on the website, you need to call them for more info.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my journey... Hoping to get Outies more popular with the overlanding/modding crowd so we have more aftermarket parts. So much stuff for Subaruís, but crickets for tasteful Outlander mods. Thanks for reading!
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Welcome to our community!

I must admit your gear LOOKS really great with the custom tires.
However, there might be a few major concerns about your choice:
1. The tire shop you visited has liability and they were correct not to mount or recommend this combination. A 255 mm wide tire is outside of the sizes that can safely be mounted on a 7" wide wheel. You would need a wider rim to make this a safe alternative. People in this community (both for OS and for full size Outlander) explored the option of mounting wider and larger tires but all selected wider wheels for much wider tires:
Tire Measuring (see also links within to the individuals, who went on this route)
Galactica 2016 Outlander Build

2. The increased tire noise, the poor ride quality, and the increased consumption would outweigh the benefits of the appealing look and a certainly better off-road capability for most of us.
If you drive mostly on dirt roads then I could very well understand your choice. If not, you may experience buyers regret sooner than you think, not to mention the safety concerns.
Nonetheless, I wish you safe driving above all and best of luck for your modifications.
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Thanks for the concerns! I donít know, my stock Tacoma Off-road has 16x7 wheels and is running 265ís from the factory. You might be correct with regular street tires, but for All Terrain tires itís probably fine. Iíve seen a bunch of Subaru owners running 255 on 7Ē stock wheels and having no problems... Discount Tire was hesitant because of the potential rubbing, not anything else.

As for the noise, been driving on the highway all weekend and not much of a difference... you hear a slight whistling noise, but thatís it. My wife was the true test, and sheís totally fine with the slight increase of noise...

Ride? Itís pretty good actually! Like I mentioned before, you feel the tread slightly at very slow speeds (5-10 mph) but not bouncy at all. Itís not stock, but not rough either... It actually inspires a lot of confidence, kinda like wearing boots vs sneaker while hiking.

Only thing Iím concerned with is the drop in mpg, but I live in Texas so gas is cheaper and my wife doesnít drive much during the week.

It looks great, not much downside, helps us to get to more remote places during our camping trips... Weíre happy with the tires. Remember, these arenít just any all terrain tires... the BFG KO2ís are the gold standard of off-road tires... maybe I would be having issues if I opted for a cheaper option.

1.5Ē lift is coming in this week... Looking into a bumper guard so I could mount a light bar, and a Hitchgate solo to mount a full size spare... Outlander Overland Edition here we come!
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Originally Posted by skimmilkskim View Post
1.5Ē lift is coming in this week... Looking into a bumper guard so I could mount a light bar, and a Hitchgate solo to mount a full size spare... Outlander Overland Edition here we come!
Looking forward to the lift. Do some install pics and notes of what issues or time it took. Looking to do the same thing to the wifes 14 Outlander. She's running 245/60R18's. Kenda Klever's. Ran them on the girls Jeep and really liked the on road off road ability. People would be surprised how well the SAWC Big O can wheel and handle some crappy terrain. Keep working. I'm rooting for ya.
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Thanks Krakker ! Excited to see how she performs in rough terrain with AT tires and a couple of more inches in clearance.

Planning on installing the strut lift next week. Just did a assessment today on the complexity of the install... front is pretty straight forward but the rear struts worried me. Seemed like a lot work to get access to the bolts (need to remove plastic side panels from the rear doors and back)... Did a trial run, and through trial and error, managed to take half off in 45 mins. Now that I know how to do it, should only take 15 mins to remove both sides... not too bad. Hoping the actual install would take around 2 hours, fingers crossed.

Still trying to DIY a bull bar or something to mount some rally lights on the front... Donít really like whatís available, and the ones I think are interesting are from out of the country and crazy expensive.

Will keep you posted on the progress! Thanks for the well wishes, our family loves the car and excited to try some new things with it!

Tire update - Weíve driven about 500 miles on the BFGís and love them! MPG is pretty close to stock... if weíve lost any, maybe 10-15 miles at most per tank? No complaints yet, very slight rubbing on full tilt only on one side every once in a while... maybe on a hill at a certain angle causes it? Anyways, super happy with the tires!

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