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Is this a scam...?

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This topic has been beaten into the ground. It's obviously a scam. But remember, if you deposit the check and it bounces, you gotta pay the bouncing fee. There are only three ways that I would ever sell a car. Cash, Certfied Bank Check, or Paypal if you use ebay. Even if you use PayPal on ebay, I still would get a certified bank check for the majority of it.
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Dude I got that same exact email. Im selling my mazdaspeed on autotrader and was sent the same exact email. It definately seemed shady to me, but the guy kept in contact with me for several days. He wanted more pics. Once they were sent, he said his client agreed to the price and he wanted my address so he could send the check. I responded saying that thats cool, but I want his name, the name of his company, the location, the "new phone number" of his office which he claimed has moved to a new location which is why he couldnt contact me by phone. This was over a week ago and he hasnt responded. I emailed him twice since and still no response. Be careful out there guys. This guys email address was [email protected]!!
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Be warned and case closed, again!

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