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ayoustin Jun 3, 2017 09:30 AM

FakeRaceCar 2.0
Hey guys, I'm new here. Just picked up an 04 evo 8 last week. Flew down to Tuscon AZ and drove it back home to Chicago IL. Some details about the car/mods:

- Stock longblock
- CBRD bbk-b ball bearing turbo
- ETS intercooler and piping
- ETS intake
- Omni 4 bar map sensor
- APS bypass valve
- Spoolinup coil on plug kit
- Manual boost controller
- Greddy rad cap
- Buschur turboback exhaust
- Ported ehxaust manifold
- Torque Solutions front engine mount
- Ebay special O2 dump
- FIC 1100cc injectors
- Wally 255 fuel pump
- Exedy stage 1 HD clutch
- 18x10.5 NT03 w/275/35 Victra RC1 slicks
- Ohlins flag series coilovers 10k/12k
- Technafit braided brake lines
- Binary brake ducts
- Whiteline front and rear sway bar
- Whiteline steering precision, roll center adjust, bump steer kits
- Whiteline rear upper control arm bushings
- Sheptrans stage 2 transfercase
- Wavetrac front lsd
- Sheptrans rear diff
- 10 point cage
- Racetech driver seat
- Corbeau passenger seat
- Schroth harnesses
- Sparco 383 steering wheel with quick release
- Lexan windows
- Custom front and rear crash bars
- Custom alumilite front splitter
- Kognition rear spoiler
- Defi boost and oil temp gauges, AEM wideband

I'll be using the car for pretty much everything I can. The 275 Victra RC1 slicks I'll be using for road courses, might try them for autox too but I don't think they'll heat up fast enough so I'll probably end up using the 17x9.5 w/255 Hankook RS3v2 NT03 wheels I have laying around for autox. Also have a set of RX7 FD wheels w/245/50 Nitto NT555R drag radials which I'll be using for the strip.

Right now the car has a dual tune for 91 and E85, it dynoed 330whp and 400whp respectively on a mustang dyno. I'm probably going to use this tune for tracks and autox. I'm planning on having a hotter tune made for the strip.

Speaking of the strip I went to US41 drag strip earlier this week just to see how I could do with the car as is. Only got 5 passes in before getting rained out. Managed a pretty mediocre 12.56 @117 with a 2.1 60'. The clutch is definitely a weak link as the car bogs pretty hard launching at 4k and the clutch can't handle 6k launches so getting out of the hole is definitely a balancing act. It also feels like I'm getting a high rpm lockout when trying to shift hard at 7500rpm which I'm thinking might be the clutch at fault.

My plans for the car are to try and get its' weight as close to 2700lbs while retaining factory body panels and gas tank. Currently the car sits a bit under 2900lbs. Some of the big places I've thought to shave weight are through a lighter driveshaft, tubular subframes, rear diff mustache delete mount and possibly a lighter exhaust. I still have one year of school left so I won't be dumping tons of money into it for a while but things I'm changing this season (or at least hope to be) are moving to a Comp Clutch twin disc, getting a hotter tune, CAE ultra shifter (already ordered but it'll be 3-5 weeks until I get it), possibly a tubular exhaust manifold, and maybe some GSC S2 cams and valve springs.

Anyway, enough of my jabbering. Here's some photos of the car!








V.8MR Jun 3, 2017 03:58 PM

Ahh you bought "FakeRaceCar" GTABurnouts car. Congrats. Looks to be a well setup car. Also sure hope you arent going to daily it?

ayoustin Jun 3, 2017 10:42 PM

Originally Posted by V.8MR (Post 11745082)
Ahh you bought "FakeRaceCar" GTABurnouts car. Congrats. Looks to be a well setup car. Also sure hope you arent going to daily it?

Yep! Hunter's a real cool dude. I have a miata that I daily but the evo still sees the street some days.

razorlab Jun 4, 2017 09:16 AM

You are crazy to drive that with a full cage on the street. Please don't put anybody you care about in it.

letsgetthisdone Jun 4, 2017 10:45 PM

Keep in mind, you should always wear a helmet in a caged car. Tubes and heads don't mix.

ayoustin Jun 6, 2017 08:47 PM

I appreciate you guys looking out for me. All tubes that are within striking distance of heads are padded. I am aware of the dangers of driving a caged car on the street.

Ordered the other 3 engine mounts from Torque Solutions as well as driveshaft carrier bushings. Found shifter base and cable bushings already on the car as well which was a nice surprise.

Talked a bit with our in house tuner at work (JRtuned) and the plan is to convert the car over to speed density and make a flat 400wtq curve to keep the rods in the block. Whatever power that ends up making I'll be happy with. I started looking into things I might need to change for more power and have some questions.

It's looking like I may need a larger fuel pump to get closer to 500whp. Do you guys think 500whp is doable on a hardwired 255 or should I look into getting a 320 or 340? I looked into a Wally 450 as well but I don't want to have to upgrade my return line. Could I get away with a 450 and the stock return if I retain the low voltage function via using a hobb's switch to control the hardwire?

Also was looking around at FPRs, does anyone make one that bolts onto the stock fuel rail besides ATP? I found a thread from way back about a Buschur piece but it doesn't look like they sell it anymore.

Lastly, I'm looking to do preventative maintenance on the car. Going to flush the water/water wetter and throw in a new thermostat. The timing belt was done ~15k ago so that's good. Are there any other wear items that would be a good idea to change out or that are known to fail on evos?

razorlab Jun 6, 2017 09:37 PM

That foam padding won't do anything to protect your bare head in an accident. The forces are immense.

electron bom Jun 7, 2017 04:40 PM

Adding 1/2" of foam padding will only remove a very trivial amount of energy from the collision between your skull and the roll cage in the event of a crash. Padding the cage is only to prevent bumps while stationary and helmetless. Btw your pics are really nice, great backdrops.

He had a roll cage and no helmet...


itsmyturn Jun 8, 2017 06:20 AM

^^^He'll be fine, it's just a scratch.

Seriously, though that is why roll cages and helmets go hand in hand.

MrHalfSack Jun 8, 2017 07:34 AM

Good lookin car!

And that little bump on the guy's head just needs a little water and Motrin.

ayoustin Jul 4, 2017 10:11 AM

Got the car to blackhawk farms this past Saturday, unfortunately had to cut the day short after 4 sessions. Car kept overheating on every session and after 4 I decided I'd pushed my luck enough. Had a great time learning the course at least.

So the deal is the car is eating coolant under boost, my guess is the head is lifting during that time because it doesn't consume any coolant during normal driving. I've pressure tested the coolant system and it didn't lose pressure. In the next week or two I'll be pulling the head off to replace the head gasket and throw in some head studs, cams, valve springs and valve seals.

What I'm looking at is ARP 2000 headstuds, GSC beehive springs, and either FP4R cams or GSC S2 cams. I also considered the S1 cams as well. I don't want to sacrifice any transient response or mid-range power but I also want to pick up some top end power. If anyone has some input/experience on that it'd be greatly appreciated. Regardless of what cams I get I'll be doing springs as I think it'd be a good idea to change out the stockers with 98k on them.

And lastly, some good news, yesterday I finally got my CAE shifter in the mail! This thing is seriously amazing. Shifting is extremely notchy and crisp. The throws are very short for how high the shifter is and there's zero vagueness about going into gear. I'm a big stickler about having a good feeling shifter and I have zero complaints about this thing, hands down one of my favorite parts I've ever put on a car.




electron bom Jul 5, 2017 06:19 AM

That shifter is amazing. Post vid of it in action? :)

itsmyturn Jul 5, 2017 06:48 AM

That shifter is a gorgeous piece.

ayoustin Jul 6, 2017 08:06 AM

Originally Posted by electron bom (Post 11754242)
That shifter is amazing. Post vid of it in action? :)

I'll be heading to the strip this weekend, I'll try to remember to bring my gopro.

Managed an [email protected] on street tires a couple weeks ago. Clutch really didn't like that though, going to see if I can get some consistent 11.6-11.7 passes. Looking to get a comp twin disk in the near future.

NJ9MR Jul 6, 2017 10:27 AM

Best of luck! You'll have one hell of a track warrior!

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