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Morrison Fabrications Introduction

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Morrison Fabrications Introduction

Hi, we are the Morrisons - Matt and Samantha. We have been in the DSM community for nearly 30 years (combined). We aren’t new to the Evo platform either -Samantha got her first one in 2009 and began immediately tinkering with it. We’ve had our current one for about a year now (and it’s been really difficult not to do fun things with it!) that’s been strictly used for mock-up.

We both wanted to do our own welding/fabrication gig for quite a long time. We’ve wanted to design, create, and see our products in action; we wanted to contribute to the badassery that so many folks are doing. But the “how” and “starting from scratch” seemed intimidating and so it became a “maybe someday.”

As some of you may already know, Ron Shearer is no longer making the iconic manifolds for the evo/dsm platform that so many of us have either dreamed about or have had on our vehicles for years. On the facebook announcement he made with this news in January/February 2017, Ron also mentioned he was looking to sell the fixtures, and all associated diagrams and notes with them. Samantha commented that she loved her manifold she recently purchased from him - and it turned out to be the last one he made for DSMs - and was interested in purchasing the fixtures. At the same time she commented, Ron tagged her in the post saying he knew she was interested in starting a welding endeavor. After long discussions and thinking it over, we decided to embark on the journey together, as husband and wife. We had been doing all of our own fabrication since the beginning for our cars and it seemed like the perfect opportunity and next step.

So, on February 14, 2017, Morrison Fabrications was born.

We spent the first solid year just researching and developing techniques to build on the things Ron "would have done differently." Utilizing tools that weren't available back then and really scrutinizing every little thing, including his insane amount of documentation and knowledge before offering anything to the public. That first year was creating our own tooling, processes, and test-fitting prototype pieces; not only making sure that each part had exact fitment every time, but spending an enormous amount of time revamping and ensuring every fixture/placement suites modern turbocharger and components.

When you buy a Morrison Fabrications manifold, you’re getting a piece that has had a significant amount of thought, effort, research and development, and soul put into it. We put substantial consideration goes into the small details, the things that matter the most to us.

Looking at a piece off the car, you can get an idea of the inner transitions and really assess how it was made and where the time was put in. Does it use an oval flange or transition? We could save a TON of time and need way fewer dedicated tools using a transition flange but will not, especially since it's right off the exhaust port. Are all of the bends perfectly aligned or are there steps where they are off center? Something that really attracted us to Ron's is that they lined up perfectly, every single time.

People tend to think we spend a ton of time with a carbide, but when you take the time initially to match the angles, alignment, and dimensions- the final porting is flipping easy. It's actually enjoyable since we feel like it's a true mark of a good transition; one that effortlessly cleans up.

Always considering the next step, the collector volume that each runner sees as it enters, the collector angle and how it translates into the turbine volute it's bolted to. The runners themselves, how they are routed around each other. We like to have each gap between each runner equal and radius around each other when possible, but form follows function. Minimal bends, minimal weld sections (in our opinion, another mark of a well-designed piece), any slight variances in ID accounted for between each piece, is it full penetration, does the penetration protrude too far in to obstruct flow.

Equal length- when it's critical and when it isn’t (not always and depends on each configuration). We will always strive for it every time, but never lose sight of the entire picture.

Length/pulse tuning can be a great thing or the worst when there are length discrepancies and you can't account for one leaning out at a certain rpm and the others not and almost impossible to tune around. There are many approaches being used by manufacturers so there is no pulse tuning at all since poor pulse tuning (see: cylinder to cylinder AFR variances) can be far worse than no pulse tuning.

Are there any tight radius elbows? You will never see a tight radius elbow used in our pieces or Ron's- we refuse to resort to a super tight turn and have developed some tricks that aren't conventional so we don't have to compromise when space is tight (and would make it very difficult for some of our stuff to be properly copied).

Does the runner size and characteristics of the manifold match the turbo and rest of the setup - on the car and placement. This is huge for us and one of the things we think that sets us apart. There is a lot more going on than just the manifold itself to have the entire setup perform as a system. Clearances/constraints, is there enough room to route a nice downpipe, room for an intake pipe, fans, oil drain, able to take the oil filter on and off, route the hot side piping, etc. A lot goes into every piece, and really nailing the placement and fitment makes it all worth it.

Making the car easier to work on is pretty important to us. Hard to get to bolts or having to take something off to access another sucks. Working on your car shouldn’t fill you with dread before heading to the garage. We are end users, too, which is what drives us to continuously make this a priority. It should be easy, quick, and enjoyable.

Anticipating the stresses a manifold will see and knowing what to look out for. Things move with heat and if you don't keep that in mind, it may not last. Knowing where the problem areas are after years and years of testing (thanks, Ron!) and building upon that. Metallurgy, preparation, welding approach and techniques.

We don't want to make a manifold that has a single benefit of being able to bolt the turbo to the car. It's not going to be in the same price range because price isn't our focus- nor is anything that is flashy and unnecessary. We don't offer everything that people want- if we can't do it without making compromises or if it doesn't offer anything over the stock piece, we just won't do it. Data is important to us- anything new we create gets rigorous testing to ensure the products have a performance benefit. We want you to have the product that will complement your setup; not just what “looks cool.” Our stuff isn't for the casual build or car that isn't going to be kept for long, and that's ok. But we are extremely proud of what we do, and of the people that come to us and share the same passion. Having even a small part in the badass stuff going on in the community and hearing the results is fantastic.

Making something that makes people excited. That’s what we do this for. We look forward to being a part of your personal best.

Matt and Samantha Morrison
[email protected]
[email protected][email protected]

Here are some photos we wanted to share, too:

-Matt and Samantha Morrison

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Keep up the great work guys. I love to see the attention to detail.
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Glad to see you guys finally introduce yourselves to evom, you really deserve the attention some of the other more well known manifold builders/suppliers are getting. I have been a fan and recommended your manifolds to forum members for a while now (and I dont even own one!... yet). Easily some of the best manifold design and quality available! You should post in the general or engine/turbo/drivetrain to get more exposure, a lot more traffic there.
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