Police in Britain Ride Badass Evo

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400 Police Car

Unless you want to lose, we wouldn’t encourage anyone to start a car chase with these Evo riding officers. 

The Norfolk Police Department in England have received one heck of an upgrade. Two years ago, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400 was gifted to the police department. The officers decided to use the cool factor of the car to connect to their community, and help offer road and driving safety advice.

This past weekend the car was on display, and on duty at the Royal Norfolk Show. “We’re delighted to be returning to the Norfolk Show this year,” Chief Inspector Kris Barnard, head of Roads Policing said on the Norfolk Constabulary website. “I expect the Evo will attract a lot of attention, but that’s the whole idea. It acts as a conversation starter, giving officers the chance to talk about road safety, their role, and what happens when things go wrong.”

The Evo, modified to work and look like a proper police car, was donated by Lind Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting and encouraging the development of young people in Norwich and Norfolk. The Evo will also be used at other events to connect with the community and car enthusiasts, in particular.

Evo police car UK

This isn’t the only Evo on the force in England. In 2008, the Road Crime Unit of the South Yorkshire Police added a trio of Evos to their fleet, including both Evo VIII and Evo IX police cruisers.

The plus of being pulled over for a ticket would be getting a chance to see these Evos on the job. Although, y’know, we still wouldn’t recommend it.

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