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Flashing an Airtrek Turbo


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Originally Posted by OzAirtrek View Post
Ok so after a lot of reading (and advice from other members here - thank you) it seems my best option is to be getting rid of the 89970017 rom and flashing the 89970010 so i have all the definitions working (just coping the defs wasnt working as the axis memory addresses are wrong).

Has anyone here flashed from 017 to 010? Others seem to have done it..

what should the read method be? (010 is mitsukernal and 017 is mitsukernalocp). Id love to hear someone'else has done the same exact version change - i really dont want to brick the ECU! haha
You cannot brick the ecu, it simply won't reprogram with a wrong method. Which, in turn, depends on the year, not sw version - its a hardware characteristic, not software.
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OzAirtrek (Dec 8, 2017)
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Well i got it to flash! - i flashed this 0010 rom from the russian airtrekers site
  • AIRTREK-89970010_2byte_egr.hex - included 2 bytes of the load, revolutions, airflow, maps of the EGR
I changed the read methods to mitsukernalocp (same as my original rom). Car is running fine. Now i have some definitions to work with!
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So i have done a few logs now and managed to pretty much tune out the knock i was getting (max was 7 about 5000rpm on wot runs). The 2 byte load, rpm and airflow seems to work well. What i cant work out is the map sensor reading..

I'm seeing max of 32.8 on 'map' and and 33.09 on 'jdm map'... even taking out 14.7 for 1 atmosphere this doesn't add up as it is all stock - shoud be under 10 psi right?
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For evoscan

<DataListItem DataLog="Y" Color="" Display="MAPAirtrek" LogReference="MAPAirtrek" RequestID="38" Eval="0.19348*x" Unit="kPa" MetricEval="x/2" MetricUnit="kPa" ResponseBytes="1" GaugeMin="0" GaugeMax="350" ChartMin="0" ChartMax="350" ScalingFactor="1" Notes="Manifold Absolute Pressure in kPa" Priority="1" Visible="False" />
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OzAirtrek (Dec 13, 2017)
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Thanks C00LMAN!
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Originally Posted by limaynard View Post
My views on Boost control on Airtrek Turbo (should be similar to Evos)

This is how I THINK it MAY work - I would welcome any input, corrections or observations.

The main tables in play are:

Waste Gate Duty Cycle (WGDC) - 3 tables
This controls the amount of air reaching the Wastgate Actuator which in turn controls when the Wastegate opens.

Boost Desired Engine Load (BDEL) - 3 tables

This sets the load that the ECU wants to achieve via boost control.
The WGDC sets the baseline but these tables set the ideal / desired load to be achieved as a maximum.

Boost Control Load Offset (BCLO)
This is an amount that is added to the BDEL - for instance if the BCLO is 50 and the BDEL at a particular RPM is 150 then the ECU will try to achieve an
engine load of 200 as a maximum.

Turbo Boost Error Correction (TBEC)

This determines how much percentage adjustment is added to the WGDC to attempt to get closer to the BDEL, when the corect conditions exist. The % change is determined based on the percentage error.

Max Total Upward WGDC Correction vs. TPS (MUWC)

This table seems to determine the maximum amount of correction to be applied based on throttle position sensor (TPS). For instance, if the engine load is much lower than the BDEL but this table has 0 for the relevant throttle position then no correction is applied or if the required correction is higher than the maximum in the table then the correction is limited to the value in this table.

Boost Limit - 2 tables (Gear N, 1, 2) and (Gear 3, 4, 5)

This determines the engine load vs. RPM at which point the boost cut / fuel cut kicks in.

Boost Cut Delay Timer

This sets the time that elapses before the boost cut / fuel cut is applied

What this all means?

Now, I am having to figure this all out because I have fitted the Tactrix 3-Port BCS and a T04HL-19T Turbo.

When fitting the 3-Port the WGDC needs to drop but by how much?

Also, when fitting a turbo with more airflow (such as my 19T) then does the BDEL may need to be lowered as it flows more air for the same level of boost?

What SEEMS clear to me is that under normal driving conditions such as low TPS conditions, that the WGDC table controls boost and needs to be smooth to keep a nice constant boost level, however when the TPS is above certain limits (as defined in the MUWC) then the ECU will switch over to trying to achieve the BDEL.

This means that when you hit the throttle, the boost error correction, as defined in the TBEC, will be applied up to the maximum set in the MUWC but then revert to the boost curve determined by the WGDC when you back off the throttle.

This would seem logical (to me anyway) and I will test this once I can log it all (including boost) using the Evodroid.

I may be totally wrong but at present it seems to be about right but I need empirical evidence to validate...

Attached is also my view of a flowchart to help explain my thinking.
Ok another newb question I wanted to try raising the stock boost a few psi - say 10% but looking at a stock Trek where your WGDC is set no less than 70% and one one of the 3 maps never goes below 98% across your RPM range you have almost zero adjustment to play with in terms of raising boost ? As i understand it the boost Offset also wont mean much if the stock solenoid is already maxed out right?

So you then need a basic bleed valve or go to the three port... or am i missing something? Limaynard, i know you eventually got your three port working well with your 19t.. do you think it is worth doing the three port for the standard turbo?

I plan to do the td05 or 19t next year but it will have to wait a while so im thinking the best route to go in the mean time
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