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How to fix a stuck sunroof

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How to fix a stuck sunroof (headliner removal too)

OK, my sunroof went back like 3 inches and wouldn't go forward. So, I kept trying to move it back and then go forward and when it would try to go forward I could hear the gears jumping. Needless to say it got stuck all the way back.

I was going to bite the bullet and take it to the dealership (not covered anymore - mileage).

I decided to give it a shot and see if I could fix it. It was WAY easier than I thought. Ready:

1. Remove the roof mounted accessories (always disconnect the battery before anything)

a. O-**** handles (3) - pop the rubber boot up on the outside edges and then #2 Phillips removes the screws.

b. Clips by back window (3) - I pulled the headliner down and got my fingers on top and then just applied even pressure and POP off they came. Do one at a time. Take your time on these.

c. Molding around sunroof opening - grab it and pull toward middle of opening. No big tricks here

d. Sun visors (2) - leave clipped in place. Remove screws #2 Phillips (2-each) then un-clip and you have to rotate them down. Swivel and pull gently. You'll get it. They have two small fingers forward and two friction clips on the side. Imagine the visor hanging down vertically. Now, pull down and push toward windshield.

e. Visor clips (2) - you need two slotted screw drivers 1/4" or 3/8" worked for me. These are a pain . Push a screwdriver from each side in the notches. You have to push the both at the same time. Then the clip will pop out and just drop down.

f. Dome light - use a 1/4" - 3/8" slotted screwdriver to remove the clear cover. Then use a 10mm socket to remover the bolts (2) on the sides. Un-clip the connector. Push little hook-tab and pull off.

g. THIS MUST HAPPEN AFTER THE DOME LIGHT! ! ! Sunroof switch trim - with the dome light removed you can look up on the hole and see the grey trim and where it clip on behind the headliner. Use a 1/4" slotted or smaller screwdriver and pop the grey hook clip off and the trim piece will just pop off.

2. Pull back the pillar covers and where they clip in there are white grommets in the headliner. Remove those so they don't get lost.

Now, if I can remember back 1 hour well your headliner should be ready to remove.

3. Lay the driver seat all the way back and with the back door open, get in on all four corner and **gently** flex the headliner to get it our from behind the pillar covers. Then tilt and slide it out the back driver door.

NOW- on to the sunroof track/motor----My car only had one screw (pic to follow) holding the motor in place?!?! It was the most critical one but there are three places for screws. Why save weight there??? My headliner has never been removed so that is how it came from the factory.

4. Drop the motor and now you can get the teeth back in line. I tried to push the sunroof closed and then mount the motor. BUT, I found that the roof didn't seal too good.

**Note** the motor has programmed revolutions. You have to make sure that it is in the position that you want it when you install it. I hooked up the connector and used a double alligator clip for a ground. Then connected the batter and used the switch (still connected and mounted on the roof) to make sure I was in the right sequence.

What worked best for me was to open the roof, all the way back, not tilted up. Then I pushed with light pressure towards back on both sides of the sunroof (glass) by the track. This makes sure that the sunroof is straight and all the way open. Then with my motor in the "fully open" rotation sequence. I reinstalled and added the two missing screws to prevent this from happening again.

Screws - M5- 0.8 pitch- 25mm in length. I use hex head put if you can get Phillips they would be easier to use. It is a bit tricky to get hex up there and get them to bite.

5. Now do everything in reverse to put the headliner / accessories back in.

I searched and no one said anything about sunroof trouble. So, I hope this helps out he next guy with trouble.

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