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Infamous Fan Module issue or...? I'm stuck.

Old Nov 23, 2018, 11:23 AM
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Infamous Fan Module issue or...? I'm stuck.


Long time forum lurker, always enjoy the wealth of information available on this site. This cooling fan issue has me frustrated and stuck, help is appreciated!

I have a 2003 OZ Rally. Car runs fantastic and has seen lots of TLC / timely repairs. 140,000 miles, manual no accidents.

Recently, only in the past 2 weeks, I've noticed very strange and spastic operation from my cooling fans. The cooling fans would sometimes come on at cold start. Sometimes they triggered at highway speed, and they often stayed on when the engine is turned off. At night, I would notice my lights constantly dimming and re-brightening, which was likely the fans turning on and off. Recently, in the last 3-4 days I am getting NOTHING from my fans. Nothing spastic or normal.

I realize this could be the fan control module or some type of relay/fuse. I've hot-wired the fan to test and they both operate OK. Coolant is full zerex 50/50 mix and 1 year old. New OEM Thermostat, Temp Sensor, Water Pump, Oil Pump, etc etc. I also installed a new Fan Control Module, but I cannot be sure it is working.

>>>>Important questions>>>>
1.) My A/C Compressor took a dump last year, so I opted to remove it and all the lines. Everything is sealed properly and smaller sized acc. belt is installed at correct tension. MY question is, would doing an A/C delete cause potential interruption with idle cooling fan operation?

2.) I have installed a new cooling fan module. Do I need to reset (4-6 hour battery disconnect) the ECU after install?

3.) I can't be sure the new fan control module is working or was the culprit. Is there ANYTHING I can do to test it is working? I've heard you can pull the engine temp sensor connection while idling to force fan engagement, but I got nothing. (AC is removed, so I can't test fans through that method...)

4.) What temp should the fans begin operating? I could not find the tables anywhere online...

5) What else could I be missing?? Anything oddball specifics I'm missing on this particular issue? I've dumped a good bit of time and money into this and would certainly appreciate the help!

Thank you.
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I got a 2003 Lancer (ES), mine took a dump after 13 years or so (back in 2016), what I noticed is that when I turned off the car the fan would stay on for a good 30 seconds or so after before turning off. And If I recall correctly the fan would just always be on no matter what as long as the car was on.

I got this replacement part - =Email&utm_content=EmailCS&utm_campaign=OrderConfi rmation&email1AReference=a2lsbHdhcmV6QHlhaG9vLmNvb Q==

It solved my issue and its been 2 years now (happened Nov 2016), and no issues with it so far.

I pad $65 for it at the time, so it went down $15 since then.
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