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Cp9a evo iv-v-vi rhd to lhd conversion

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Cp9a evo iv-v-vi rhd to lhd conversion

Hello to all,

I decided to register on the Forum as I read many issues before about converting RHD to LHD, and different experiences, or people just saying don't do it, etc... in my country we are not allowed to drive RHD so I was forced to do it.

First I would like to say, yes it is possible to do it. It took me a long time to finish my car, mainly due to unexperience and trying to save money, so I would like to share my experience in case anyone wants to do, follow me. Trust me, trying to save some little money will just make you waste time. Happened to me!!!

So the basics, what will you need:

1- A Firewall from a Lancer/Mirage. Here I got a Complete Firewall with the reinforcement behind the dashbour for less than USD 200
2- A complete donnor car, Lancer/Mirage, try to get one as complete as possible. This car will be really important to have it complete, don't buy the car rip it off and take the firewall, trust me it will delay you.
3- If possible and you want to have a real Conversion, a LHD Steering Rack. They are hard to get, but with paciencie who knows. The part number is: MR403418. If not possible, just use the Mirage/Lancer Steering Rack.
4- A good electrician
5- Wiring Diagrams of the Lancer/Mirage and the RHD EVO, I have them in case you need them.

So the work to follow:

1- Remove full engine bay, is a good moment to change gaskets and clutch as engine will be out.
2- Remove interior, take out seats and everything, you will need space.
3- Remove firewall and fit the LHD one. Do same with interior reinforcement. Make sure you fit the bracket for the foot rest of the LHD donnor car!!!
4- Once the firewall is installed and the reinforcement OK, install the steering column. LHD and RHD are same.
5- With Steering column installed, you will see that fitting the steering rack will be imposible in the sub frame. You have to modify one braket in the subframe, move it to the left about 1.5-2 cm. A good welder is needed, no need to change the sub frame to LHD one.
6- In your new firewall you have to make decission if the engine harness you will extend it and pass it on the codriver side, or drill and pass it on the inside and extend it on inside. I decided to make the hole and extend on the inside, for safety reasons. To be frank, any is ok up to you. I simple closed the Passenger side Hole.
7- OK, now is time to start using our donnor car... take out engine and tramission so you have space to start taking out parts and puting in your Evo. You will need: The sound deaning, brake pipes, steering rack pipes, Wipers, wiper motor, etc.... This is the reason why is better to buy a firewall, you have next to your evo the donnor car in complete form, easy to assembly, if not you waste too much time.
8- Start on the interior, take from the donnor car the dashboard (Send it to paint it in Black, Lancer/Mirage have grey dashboards), and fit everything in, Heater, A/C evaporator etc.
9- Time to work on electrics, your electrictian will have to do engine harness extension in order to change the ECU from side, and change the fuse box from side. With the donnor car he has to take part of the wiring harness for the A/C and Heather (No more auto climate control). With the diagrams and both car, should be OK if they guy is qualified for the job. You want to change the power windows switch, he will also need that harness to make it work.
10- Cluster: You can keep the 180 KM/HR JDM Speedo or you can upgrade to a 260. I upgraded to 260, how? I bought the dials here: and with the donnor car used the 220 km/hr speedo, adjust it and make it work. Simple. So, as a summary: Use the RHD Cluster with the Speedometer of the Donnor can, and install the dials. Will work perfect.
12- Lights/Wiper: Use the clockspring from the donnor car, but fit the angle sensor of AYC (If you have a GSR). if you have a GSR you will need a Colt wiper switch to make the rear wiper to work. You have to change some pin out:
10 fit it in 7
11 in 8
8 to 10
12 to 6
Connect is same, but make sure the pinout you change it, if not you will go crazy burning fueses.
13- From donnor car the gear selector change it, LHD cars are a little bit to the Driver side, don't forget to do it
14- Trunk and Fuel Tank openner, also from donnor car install it to your EVO.
15- Seat belt reminder, make sure you change it of seats!
16- Finish interior, install dashboard, seats, etc... you will use many parts of the donnor car.
17- You are all set, fit engine, transmission back, etc. and all set.

Seems only 17 steps, is a long way, but trust me, this way is the quickest and fastest. I wasted many time buying parts, but then you needed a bracket, you needed a clamp, etc... the donnor car is key.

What I did with what was left of donnor car? Sold the remaining parts, and I recover most of the money that I payed for the car!

I didn't upload all the pictures, but if you are really interested I will be happy to help you, my whatsapp is +56966579372 e-mail [email protected], I can share you the detailed pictures of the process.

Hope it helps!



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Anymore picture of EVO IV to VI conversion?
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Amazing dedication / hard work there Max

Here in the US, we would want to convert the other way Haha (LHD to RHD)

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