2015 Mitsubishi Evo X is a Mysterious Monster

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McLaren driver has no idea he’s taking on an Evo…or that it has 811 horsepower.

Typically, the term “sleeper” fits a car that looks modest and stock but hides a slew of upgrades that make it surprisingly fast. Think of a Toyota Cressida with a 2JZ-GTE in it or a Chevy Caprice Classic with an LS9 under its hood. The 2015 Mitsubishi Evo X in this That Racing Channel‘s video is a sleeper in more ways than one.

Its owner Gordon has taken it far beyond its already powerful stock form. The last time TRC saw his Evo, it had 512 horsepower – in its original engine. That alone is a major accomplishment. Gordon topped it, though.


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The newest version of his Evo features numerous upgrades, including the rods, pistons, and fuel system. The turbo has grown in size and output. Surprisingly, the engine computer is still stock. More shocking than that is how much juice the Evo’s new engine setup produces: 811 horsepower and 524 lb-ft of torque. Gordon himself built the transmission that handles all of that turbocharged grunt.

To make those higher figures hit even harder, Gordon cut weight from his Evo by equipping it with lighter wheels and brakes, although he did reinsert the back seats to be eligible to race in certain classes. Without him sitting in it, his Evo weighs 3,250 pounds.

During the course of the TRC video, Gordon and host Javier come upon a man driving a bright yellow McLaren 570S. After running against the mighty Mitsubishi, he asks Javier a revealing question. He doesn’t just want to know what’s under the hood; he wants to know the car he just raced. He may not have not known an Evo by sight before, but from now on he’ll recognize an Evo every time he sees its tail lights.

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