Five Incredible Finds from the Evolution M Marketplace

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2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR

Pick up a new Evo or finish your existing build this summer with these hot items from our Marketplace.

The Evolution M Marketplace is great for finding inspiration for your next project, replacement parts for your daily driver, and odds and ends to make your Evo’s garage a haven for all things Mitsubishi. Here are five cool things we found in the marketplace that you should add to your shopping list.

1. 2004 Evolution VIII RS

2004 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII RS
Looking for a blank canvas/an unmolested example for your garage? Then this 2004 Evolution VIII RS should be on your radar. The owner is selling this 100-percent bone stock Evo due to not have much time to enjoy all this Evo has to offer as they should.

2. 2010 Evolution X SE

2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X SE
How about something on the other end of the stock-modified scale, especially if you don’t want to build it yourself? This 2010 Evolution X SE was professionally built and maintained by AMS Performance, and its only seen 26,000 miles thus far in its life.

3. 2010 Evolution X GSR

2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR
Perhaps you’re wanting something mild as far as builds go? Look no further than this 2010 Evolution X GSR. This GSR with the SSS package is being sold by the original owner, who has kept it garaged since 2014. It’s also been autocrossed 20 times and will come with a set of MR and GSR wheels fitted to summer and winter tires, respectively.

4. 4B11T Evolution X Long Block

Mitsubishi 4B11T Evolution X Long Block
Is your Evolution build needing something extra? Why not drop this 4B11T long-block from an Evolution X into your Evo’s engine bay? The long block has all harnesses and accessories, nearly 50,000 miles on it, and the owner guarantees the engine to be in “excellent working condition.”

5. JDM Evolution 7 Steering Wheel

JDM Evolution 7 Steering Wheel
Does your Evo needs some JDM flavor? This JDM Evolution 7 Steering Wheel will do the trick. It has blue stitching, and some scuffs on the airbag ring that can be painted over should you opt to keep the ring on it.

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