Evolutionm.net July Featured Car of the Month Winner

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July Featured Car

July Featured Car of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Nor11384 for his outstanding and popular contest contributions! Nor11384 was this months winner.

“I wanted an evo since I was younger. I used to hang out with my friend and talk about cars for hours. We would always end up talking about the evo and how one day we would own one. I was open to any color but I always wanted a white one. As the years went by I owned and built a couple of turbo cars. I went from a 500whp sentra to a 600whp civic and ended up in an srt4. One day I decided to sell the srt4 and start looking for my evo but I knew that I didn’t have enough money to purchase a mint condition one. Months went by and deal after deal fell through. Reality was, I could not afford one at that time. One day, I leave my house and at an oreillys, around the corner I see a white evo parked. I decide to stop by and check it out. To my surprise, it was for sale and for a price I could afford. The owner informed me that the transmission needed a rebuild and it needed some paint. I am pretty mechanically inclined so I didn’t think twice and pulled the trigger. This is where my evo adventure began. Got the car home, put it up on jackstands, and got to work on it right away. Coming from the fwd world this was a whole new beast to me. As I laid there under the car staring at this transmission/tcase deal I thought to myself, “what the hell did I get myself into”. I pushed on and started tearing things apart with the help of some friends and before I knew it everything was apart. Couple weeks later everything was back together and I now had a running evo. Fast forward two years to today and she’s had paint work done, various go fast parts, new wheels/tires and tuned by a well known local tuner. I must say, this is the best car I’ve ever owned. It rides like it’s on rails. The response and the feel of the machine is unlike any other. Because of this car I’ve met many great friends and built awesome relationships. Everywhere I go someone has something to say about the car. Therefore, I plan to enjoy this thing for many years to come, hope to continue making friends, and learn as much as I can about these awesome cars.

I want to say thank you to my wife for putting up with the long nights working on this car, the money spent on it, and for always being super supportive of me. For giving me and amazing son who enjoys this car as much as I do. Thank you to my friends who helped me along the way. Thumbs up to evom for the endless amount of information and awesome people who were always willing to help out when I didn’t know where to turn to next.”

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