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Panda Evo IX MR SE

We are bringing back Featured Car of the Month (FCOTM) contest to Evolutionm.net. We are constantly blown away by the awesome cars that show up on the site and want to promote your hard work!

At the end of the year we will have a calendar featuring some of these cars if the owners opt in. The calendar is a non-profit fundraiser for Humane Society, so please submit!


English Racing Evo X


Voting and posting will go through end of May. The winner will get the new title FCOTM Winner added to the profile, their car will be featured in the next newsletter and will possibly get to do a write-up to have their evo and story on the Evolutionm.net front page! If we have more than 10 entries the moderator staff will make an initial cut to ten.

May’s contest is open to ALL Lancers, ALL colors. Let’s see what you’ve got!


How to Submit your Lancer for the Featured Car contest:

1. Make a NEW thread in the Featured Car Showcase sub-forum. (https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evom-featured-car-month-359/)

Descriptive Thread Title: ie: Nsomniac’s FCOTM Submission
Screen name or real name: Nsomniac
Location: South Dakota
Car Info: Car Year, Make, Model, Trim:
Stock Options: Navigation etc.
Modifications: (you may divide them in categories if you wish to do so. ie Exterior, Interior, Performance…)
Future plans: whatever plans
Other info: (ie: shows won….)

Display up to 6 quality images linked preferably to new pics in your gallery.

Follow the Contest Rules:

– You must be the owner of the car you are submitting.
– All images posted should be hosted in our gallery if possible to assure all members and visitors can see them.
– 6 images max. Please take the time to take good pics.
– One submission per person per month
– Past winners may enter again after 12 months from the original winning date.
– No external links
– You will NOT be up for voting if you do not have a link to your thread in that months thread.

3. Create a thread in this forum titled i.e. ‘Nsomniac FCOTM submission’. (Replace Nsomniac with your name)

If you did not win in the past, please feel free to re-submit your ride. (You may reuse the same thread that you have submitted.) New and better pics will help you out, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your camera and the location. The community will vote via a poll on up to 10 cars. If there are more than 10 entries the moderator staff will choose ten for voting. Please post any questions in this sticky. Thanks and have fun!!

Evom Staff

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