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How to Setup Tephramod V7

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Awesome info!
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Great info in here! I was skeptical about switch from my stock rom to V7, but this thread made it very simple. Took me a couple hours to copy maps and values over and then do a few 3rd gear logs. 306/300 on 93. 3 counts of knock from 3500-3800 so there's still a little work to be done. Thanks again to everyone who put in the time and effort to make this work smoothly!
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This was a help but there are a few suggested edits.

1) MUST you copy maps if you are stock and have not changes other than changing to one of the Tephra maps? After reading several threads I finally felt comfortable that the base files contain the stock maps.

2) MUST you do some logging of runs to adjust settings for knock etc? It is implied that the Tephra maps are at once fully validated and also not always going to work. Which is it? I think I need to do some 3rd gear pulls now and look for knock. Probably could just add a link to some good threads about this topic as say GO HERE AFTER LOADING tephramod ROM.

3) A few little links at the start to reference what hardware and software you need to get started.

Thanks alot for this. It helped me feel somewhat capable of my first flash!
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i8Godzilla (Oct 4, 2017)
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Thanks mate, I will consider your advices when I'll have time to update the opening post
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Also coming from zero knowledge about flashing, two topics seemed to be obvious to everyone but me.

"Just copy all the maps over from stock ROM to Tephra ROM"

I looked at ALL the sections of stock ROM and tried to find similar looking maps in the Tephra ROM. This proved to be very difficult. I still don't know what is included in "ALL" maps. For instance the stock ROM has Boost maps #1-#4 but the Tephra ROM has multiple big maps from what I can tell. Does stock ROM Boost #1 go into main boost column 1 or a different table or is this not one of the ALL maps? I still could use some clarification of what should be copied over. I did nothing.

"Just change the gears from 6MT to 5 speed"

I cannot find this toggle in the 94170015 ROM. So I read and read and as far as I can tell it is adjusted by changing a MPH/RPM to gear table settings. Not even sure if that was correct or if I need to do this or not. Does it matter? Only if using Boost per gear control? Is boost per gear control always on?
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i8Godzilla (Oct 4, 2017)
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PSI Boost control problem

Boost control problems, specifically with correction. See attached log, and boost control settings. The correction level does not match the correction map, and once load error is positive the correction is still positive? Thoughts

Attached Files
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You're logging load error but referring to psi-based boost control, which are you using? If you're using psi-based boost control, you should be logging boost error instead.

That said, here's why correction can stay positive even after you reach (and maybe exceed) your target boost.

Say your target is 20psi. During spoolup, the ECU sees it's low when it reaches 17psi and adds 3% wgdc in an attempt to compensate. What it doesn't know is that you're not really below your target, it's just that you're still spooling up. You would've reached your target without that extra 3%.

Your turbo finishes spooling up, and because it has that extra WGDC, it overshoots your target. Let's say it reaches 21 psi. With a 1 psi overshoot, it pulls back 1% WGDC. Your overall correction is now +2%, and still positive, even though you're over your target boost. When the ECU checks the boost again, it might see you're at 20.5 now, so it'll take out .5 WGDC. This brings your overall correction to +1.5%.

In your log, we see WGDC correction shoot up to 9.5 instantly, then the ECU starts pulling it back when it sees it overshot your target load/psi. It goes down to 9, then 6.5, then 4. Even though it was still positive, the ECU was decreasing correction in response to boost being over your target.

Ways to avoid this are:

- Completely disable upward correction (the ECU can lower WGDC if you overshoot, and can add correction back in if needed to return to +0% overall correction, but will never exceed it). The advantage of this is that you will never have a spike just as spoolup finishes from the ECU thinking you're not reaching your target. Disadvantage is a possible loss of power if weather changes and your IAT comp table isn't perfect, and the ECU would've liked to add positive compensation to reach your target.

- Make upward correction very slow. This will minimize the spike during spoolup, while still allowing the ECU to have overall positive correction to reach your target if needed. On my car for example I think I only have +1% WGDC even at -3psi boost error.
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Does anyone know of a good working link for the big map translator tool? I've done a bunch of searching and haven't come up with anything that works.
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I'm missing a couple of rom's, "Boost desired engine (Psi)","Boost Adder (psi)/(load)" and "boost error correction (PSI/LOAD). DOES ANYONE know where I can gets these rom files for 88590715? Thx
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Originally Posted by Thugline View Post

I'm missing a couple of rom's, "Boost desired engine (Psi)","Boost Adder (psi)/(load)" and "boost error correction (PSI/LOAD). DOES ANYONE know where I can gets these rom files for 88590715? Thx

Missing exactly the same tables on V7 for rom 0715.

Boost desired engine (Psi)
Boost Adder (psi)/(load)
boost error correction (PSI/LOAD)

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