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my coolant tank was empty

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my coolant tank was empty

I decided to check my coolant level today and found out the tank was bone dry, dont know long long it has been empty for. Do you think there was any damages done to my engine? Also got a few questions.

1. What type of coolant do you guys use?
2.Would having no fluids in my coolant affect my EGT temps? often do you check your coolant levels?

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That is an overflow tank. You should check your radiator to see how much coolant is left in it. Having air pockets in your coolant is not good, but in all likelihood you would have noticed your temp gauge sitting higher if you had any problems. Make sure when you refill your coolant you refill the radiator as well as the overflow tank, then let the engine run until it gets warmed up (that way the coolant will start flowing through the engine). Let the engine cool and check for air in the radiator again. Top off the radiator and you should have most of the air out of the system. After the next time you drive your car allow it to cool and check the radiator again. If it is still full, all the air is out, if it is not then top it off and continue to check it until it is full.

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on a totally off topic note, I ran my 87 volvo 740 (non turbo) 6 months with about a cup or two of coolant... lol still drives like a champ!
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