Leaking stock shock replacement?

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Yeah production has it's inherent problems so it's understandable, I'm just happy to hear it's within the same year 😊 and please do let me know how it goes, Tein has such a wide range, I'm curious how their new entry level set ups perform.
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Supposedly the kit arrives this week.
Tein Flex Z, some sort of "strut kit" to not make a mess of the motors connected to the top of the shocks, for the EDFCII to control dampening force.

Nobody wants pictures, i assume? I'll be taking some crappy ones just in case anything is borked, when i unpack everything, but i guess there is no point in showing them here...
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I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures, some post-install pics would be nice too.
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Installed might take a while. I', just going to throw the boxes in the trunk, and drive around with them for a while.

Mostly so i can drop by a few different places that might help me get them on, and get prices. I'm quite certain i want a road worthy vehicle when it's done, so i aint doing it my self.
Got word earlier today that the kit has arrived... But at the Swedish retailer that i bought them from, and not here. TEIN should have shipped them straight to me, but, no such luck. So now it's "early NEXT week".
Oh well.
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Well... Pictures were requested. Lets see how this works out...

Ok, so, not at all as i wanted. Anyway, what is, is. If there is any questions, i'll try and shoot a picture of the part in question, and put it up.

Anyway. Pictures were taken with an old phone, so they aren't the best of quality, i'm afraid. The first image is, the boxes, as i got them, just carried in to the family truck-service workshop "kitchen". And from there it's pretty much a mess. I should have had more space, and i wanted to grab all the shocks out of the box, but as it turns out, there was one front, one rear in the top layer, si i didn't go further down in to the box.
The EDFCII, and stepper motors were fully unpacked, and connected together for a function test, as per the website suggestion. Damn, that crap is noisy. When given power the control unit beeps like a fire alarm. Once switched on, it beeps again, and then all the stepper motors go crazy. I assume it's trying to find end values, and "know" where the settings for the dampening factor is, so it goes all the way down, and then up to the setting it "should" be at, but that is just a guess. The stepper motors responds as expected when you push the corresponding buttons on the controller, and, while they are small, they feel good. Much more torque then i expect them to need. The rubber housing they will be crammed in to, is a nice touch.

Also included the face-plate of the PSU i used to run my crude test. Who knew a schmuck with NO car knowledge actually had a 13.8v PSU laying around for testing. I got lucky, i used to have that one for a CB radio, and... it still freaking works.

If i have any complaints... The last image is supposed to show the misalignment of the "front" connector on the control unit. It does a crappy job of it, since it looks like both front and rear is misaligned, i blame the camera. (The operator, me, is in every way, perfect.)
Anyway, hardly a problem. I'm going to have to try and figure out where to put it. TEIN suggests double sided sticky tape. I'm not sure. Ideally i want it in the slot next to the audio in RCA jack, but i have yet to find out how hot it might get, and if that is a viable location... Just close the lid when not needed, open for adjustment. When powered of, it should be fine, and when powered on, it shouldn't be running for prolonged times, so it shouldn't overheat. I think.

There is a problem for me in all this tho. An issue i wasn't even aware of. The manual clearly says it's "made for offroad use only". I believe the exact wording is that the shocks are JRSP certified, so, fine for racing, where ever that is the norm, but not road legal, anywhere. I'm going to pretend not to have read that bit in the manual, and hope i wont have to buy, and swap originals back and fourth every year in the future. (With everything else done, it should be a fairly straightforward swap, and a wheel alignment yearly, probably wouldn't be a bad idea anyway...)
With yearly inspections to remain road legal, this may, or may not, become an issue, next year.
This year, i cheat. I "pass" the inspection with the old leaky shocks sometimes in the next couple of weeks. Mount the new shocks, and drive for 15 months, or so, until i absolutely have to do it again.

Anyway, as i said before, if there is any questions, let me know, i'll gladly take a picture, and hope that says it all. Don't expect me to KNOW anything. I clearly don't.
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