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Tire recommendation, please.

Old Jan 8, 2019, 06:23 PM
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Tire recommendation, please.

hello everyone!
TL;DR: which tire do you recommend to have fun with on a DD?

So after ~18k miles, my stock a13c's on my X are coming to an end. I've been doing a bit of reading trying to see which set of tires to grab next. A little background, I DD drive my car and occasionally go on spirited/canyon runs (who doesn't) here and there, when time and safety permit. For those wondering if I will be doing any sort of AutoX/tracking, im not quite sure yet. As much as I want to, I think I'm just a bit intimidated by it even though there can be lots of knowledge behind it.. With that being said, I don't really mind a loud or harsh ride or at least nothing extreme. and I think I can get by tread life too since I don't constantly go carving through back roads. I live in So. Cal as well so I only have to worry about rain maybe a couple days out of the year but would still like a tire that does well in the rain though. Ultimately, looking a bit more for performance than anything else. After a bit of reading I've narrowed down my list to three, possibly four. I don't see myself getting new wheels anytime soon so they will be going on the stock X enkei wheels. thank you for your guys help.

PSS - even though these have been praised for their versatility, I've read a bad thing about them is their soft side walls.
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Old Jan 9, 2019, 12:03 PM
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It sounds like you want slightly more performance than the mileage/life yield, correct?

The S-04's are nice, but they are dated now. I would look into the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport (240/AA/A) or Falken Azenis FK510 (300/AA/A) that succeeded the FK453. I used both on my X before switching to the Falken Azenis RT-615K+ (200/A/A). The T1's wore out fairly quickly but are nice and sticky with a mileage warranty (25k? IIRC). Most of the other Max or Extreme summer options that you listed will probably last even less with lower tread depths new, although YMMV if you autox/track. I believe the R888R's on my VIII have ~6/32" new lol... compared to 8-10ish
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On the list you provided above I would lean for the Hankook RS4. Not sure about some of the others.
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On your list, I would go Hankook RS4. Off list, another option is the Dunlop Z3.

I would avoid the Bstone S04 and the MPSS. THey won't have the ultimate grip I'm sure you're looking for.
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Thank you for the recommendations. I think after comparing on tirerack, I most likely will be going with the RS4ís. Maybe after those Iíll try the 615+

as as far as sizing goes for the stock enkei wheels, would you guys suggest staying with stock tire size or should I consider a bigger one?
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I've had the hankooks and the potenza's gotta say for me the potenza's RE71r's win out in my book, but tire life and noise and anything other than sheer grip aren't important to me, take it or leave it. regardless what you choose all of those tires are damn good. when it comes to size going larger than recommended width wise on a rim will actually decrease the contact patch to the road. so for the stock 8.5 inch wide rim ya shouldn't go larger than 255 / 245 depending on who you ask. basically the larger the width on a smaller sized rim will curl / knurl the sides and not allow for a larger "correct" contact patch to the road. just not the best in performance can you mount the tire, sure, go for it, will it out perform a correctly sized width tire on the same rim, no. the choice is yours.
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