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How to Replace Clutch Master Cylinder

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How to Replace Clutch Master Cylinder

Tools Needed:
12 MM Wrench
17 MM Wrench

Step 1: Use Pliers to slide back the clamp on the hose running from Brake Fluid Reservoir and unplug hose. Quickly Plug the outlet on the brake fluid reservoir so you don't lose all of your fluid (Picture 1)

Step 2: Use 17 MM Wrench to LOOSEN Banjo bolt on the side of the Clutch Master Cylinder. Do not remove the bolt entirely, you do not want to lose the washers on this! (Picture 2)

Step 3: Remove the clip that attaches the Clutch Master Cylinder to the Clutch Pedal itself. (Picture 3) I apologize for the photo being blurry but I could not get a good photo and then my camera died lol

Step 4: Loosen the 12MM bolt on the back of the Fork that connects the clutch master cylinder to the clutch pedal. Once the bolt is as far back as it can go, continue to loosen it until the rod is completely disconnected from the fork. This will allow the Clutch master Cylinder to be pulled a LOT easier. (Picture 3)

Step 5: Remove the 2 12 MM bolts shown in Picture 4. One will be on the top and one will be on the bottom of the plate.

Step 6: At this point you should be able to work the old clutch master cylinder out of the engine bay. It was not an easy task and proved to be the most difficult part for me. I found that if you remove the plate shown in Picture 5, it will allow for a little more play in the clutch line. This allowed me to pull the old master cylinder.

Step 7: Once the Clutch Master Cylinder has been pulled, you can now remove the 17MM bolt shown in picture 2 and transfer the line and washers to the new Clutch Master Cylinder. Tighten the banjo bolt onto the CMC and allow for a little play so it's easier work it down into the hole your removed the old one from.

Step 8: Tighten the 12 MM bolts from picture 4.

Step 9: Tighten the 17 MM bolt in picture 2.

Step 10: Reattach the line in picture 1 that connects the brake fluid reservoir to the CMC

Step 11: Reinstall the plate in picture 5 if you removed it

Step 12: Connect the Fork from picture 3 to the back of the clutch pedal and install clip to hold it back into place.

Step 13: Bleed the Clutch to remove any air from the line

Step 14: Adjust the Clutch Pedal Engagement point. This is done by moving the 12 MM bolt on the back of the fork in picture 3.

Adjusting the Clutch Pedal Engagement Point:
Bringing the clutch pedal closer to the CMC will shorten how long it takes to engage the pedal but it may not push enough fluid to the clutch making it difficult to shift and possibly damage the Clutch. I found that extending the clutch pedal engagement point to about 3/4 up the CMC rod gave me the best engagement point. Mine may differ from yours since I have a Clutchmaster Stage 2 Clutch. Just make sure that the Clutch is engaging properly and smoothly and you will be fine!

Step 15: Enjoy
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Someone sticky this!
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woooow amazing write up. im at work right now and i just quickly skimmed through it and i already have a general idea of what ill be seeing when i go through it. very straight to the point and detailed. i feel like i can do this with ease just because this write-up is here to help. thanks a lot man! looking forward to changing mine in the near future. ill probably change my CMC and CSC at the same time so i only have to bleed once lol. we will see

thanks again man!

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thanks for the info, I just confirmed the right way and took some tips from here.
thanks a lot again
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Bleeding Clutch Master Cylinder

I have tried replacing my clutch master cylinder, but now whenever i try to bleed no fluid comes through the bleeder valve
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