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Licence plate relocate

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Licence plate relocate

So after going through these forums and looking at all these awesome RA's, I got inspired to make my car appear a little more sporty and decided to do a licence plate relocate, moving it from the center of my bumper to the side.
I got a kit of ebay, it cost a few bucks and its had free shipping to new zealand so i couldnt say no lol

Here you can see how the licence plate is currently mounted. Right in the center and on a black support

I really dont like this support, its made of plastic which has faded in the sun and just looks ugly

Heres the licence plate kit. Pretty simple stuff. A bracket with a L bend, one side (the short side) goes into the bumper and the other side has the plate fit on to it, even comes with four bolts and nuts.

As you can see, the kit is rather straight forward. It doesn't come with instructions so I'm presuming what I'm doing is correct haha

Since I'm taking off my bumper for this install, I'll also be inspecting this part of the lip. As you can see, its starting to pull away from the bumper so I want to check the extent of the damage on the other side.

All bolts and clips holding the bumper have been removed, now its just a matter of carefully pulling it away from the car

Pulled the bumper away. Important note, if you have fog lights like i do, dont forget to disconnect the loom!I completely forgot and almost damaged the wire, yikes! Luckily, its just a single loom located in the centre, usually tucked away.<br/><br/>The bumper came away easily enough. Hmmmm, plenty of space for a intercooler huh? but lets not get ahead of my self

So I took the licence plate off, and this was the black support thing that was behind it, As you can see, ugly and not appealing at all.

The other side of the bumper reveals two screws holding the support in place. Apologies on the really crappy picture, I didn't realise how bad it turned out until I was writing up this thread.

They came out easily, and the support just fell off the bumper, revealing some grime and some holes, but no biggy at this point

Theres something about a car with no bumper that just appeals to me.

Anyways, back to the install. I put some masking tape on the bumper so I could mark where I'd be drilling hole to fit the plate bracket.

A couple holes drilled, and four bolts on nuts later, the plate is on and at the angle I want. Now its just a matter of putting the bumper back on and cleaning that grime out from the front

With the bumper now tightly secured and the front cleaned up, I can now enjoy the fruit of my labour :P

just a couple different angles

Eventually, those holes will get plugged up. I plan on using some body filler and sanding it back and respraying the entire front bumper as it does have a few scrapes that I wanna tidy up, plus of course fixing that lip up too.

I pretty happy with how it turned out, however at some point I will change how that bracket is as it does stick out a tad far. I originally thought I put it on upside down but when I do flip the bracket around and I try and put the plate on, it just scratches the bumper so yeah.

Sorry I don't have photos of me actually fitting the the bracket and licence plate to the bumper. I did take photos but the quality was so bad you couldn't really make out anything.

Anyways, hope you liked this little write up and hopefully it helps you out if you ever want to do the same
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