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Post exact weights of weight reduction you have done!

Old Feb 10, 2005, 02:24 PM
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Post exact weights of weight reduction you have done!

We all know the evo 8 and 9 weigh a lot. Most of us would like to lighten them up a little bit. So post up your mods you have done to reduce the weight of your evo. Cutting the car up is not allowed here.
this thread is dedicated to all of the weights of the factory parts and all the after market parts. please keep in mind everyone's scales may read a little different then someone else's. so take the info listed as an proximate weight. PM me with any weight's of parts that you do not see listed and i will put them where they belong.


Special thanks go's to the following major contributors for adding a great deal of info to this weight reduction thread.
David Buschur

There are many mods we can buy that reduce the weight of the evo. There is also many freebie mods we can do to also reduce the weight of the evo. With that said lets see what we can come up with.

I have made a list below for all to view as we gather info. I will update it regularly as long as it was a legit mod and something we all can do

stock Evo 8/9 factory parts list

Engine and Drivetrain
Intake bracket and EGR valve, 5.0 lbs
I/C Spray bottle, empty 5.4 pounds, full 11.5 lbs
Rear washer bottle, empty 8.0 lbs
Rear fuel tank evaporator, 8.5 lbs
Stock radiator, 9.7 lbs
stock radiator fan 8.1 lbs
A/C compressor and condenser, 29.6 lbs
Stock complete drive shaft w/carriers attached, 38.1 lbs
Evo 8 and 9 FMIC, 10.8 lbs
A/C Fan 6.4 lbs
AC Bracket 4 lbs
Compressor 14.1 lbs
Condenser w/ lines 9.8 lbs
Evap / Purge Stuff 9 lbs
rear diff brackets 8.0 lbs
front cross member 9.4 lbs
rear mustache bar 15.9 lbs
rear trans bracket 2.0 lbs
intake manifold 7.0 lbs
trans mount 3.7 lbs
cam gear motor mount 4.3 lbs
coolant over flow with hose 10.5 OZ's
5 speed plastic shifter base 13 OZ's
5 speed shifter cables NO bushing's 2.4 lbs
Evo IX A/C fan 5.16 lbs
front wheel bearing ''no studs'' 6.9 lbs
rear wheel bearing ''no studs'' 6.7 lbs
front wheel spindle 10.8 lbs

turbine housing
o2 housing 6.12 lbs
down pipe 10.5 lbs
cat 10.5 lbs
cat back 16.5 lbs
axle back/muffler 19.0 lbs
exhaust heat shield above the drive shaft 2.0 lbs

Evo battery, 37 pounds

Exterior body
evo 8 front bumper
evo 9 front bumper
hood 20.2
front doors
rear doors
trunk ''no wing'' 22.5 lbs
evo 8 wing 7lbs
evo 9 wing
rear bumper
Front bumper beam, 13lbs
Rear bumper beam, 17lbs
Rear window, 13.5lbs
Front window, 25lbs
front Wiper motor and wiper arms, 7.7lbs
rear wiper motor and arm 3.0lbs
rear door glass 6.0 lbs

Steering column plastic/meal insert, 1.0 lbs
Spare Tire, Jack, and Tool drops 37.0 lbs ''carpet and lining 4 additional lbs'
Firewall Sound Deadening mat 14.2 lbs
floor mats 5.0 lbs
Rear Seat (bottom) 9.5 lbs
Rear Seat (top) 14.5 lbs
each front speaker 2.0 lbs
each rear speaker 2.0 lbs
Wiper Fluid Tank empty ???? full 8.3 lbs
3 under dash/steering column brackets drops 3 lbs
Heater core 10.0 lbs
Blower motor assembly 5.5 lbs
sound deadening under carpets ''black tar looking stuff'' drops 11l.0 lbs if ALL of it is removed from floor, fire wall, under rear seats
Driver Side Airbag drops 5.0 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED
Passenger Side Airbag drops 7.3 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED
Rear Seat belts drops10.0 lbs NOT RECOMMENDED
stock steering wheel ''no air bag'' 4.62 lbs
Front Seat belts/mounts/bolts 10.0 lbs
rear seat belt/mounts/bolts 10.0 lbs
dash bar 20.8 lbs
front seat 37.4 lbs
head unit 3.4 lbs
rubber pad under the rear deck lid 1.2 lbs
center console 3.8 lbs

front brake lines
rear brake lines
front rotors 21.35 lbs
rear rotors 14.6 lbs
front calipers 10.5 lbs
rear calipers
master cylinder
brake booster
abs unit
front and rear dust shields 1.5 lbs
full E brake assembly ''backing plates, cables, full E brake assembly/mounting bracket drops 9.8lbs ''NOTE'' you will not have an E brake for the street driven evo's
E-Brake handle 2.6 lbs

rims and tires and wheel studs
VIII Enkei (each) 20.5 lbs
IX Enkei (each) 20.17 lbs
MR BBS (each) 17.74 lbs
OEM wheel studs 6.7 OZ's

front shock/strut
front springs
rear shock/trut
rear springs
front sway bar
rear sway bar
under tie bars (2) with bolts, 2.5 pounds
Front strut tower brace 8.0lbs

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Aftermarket part's weight list

engine and drivetrain

AMS power steering delete kit - saves 11 lbs
AMS front cross member -
AMS rear Mustache Bar Eliminator kit 2.8 lbs
BR "mustache bar" 3.2 lbs
BR front cross member 2.9 lbs
BR Side Differential Support bracket 4lbs
AMS lightened drive shaft ''2 piece'' 27.9 lbs
AVID passenger side motor mount
Torqline CTG Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - saves ???????
CBRD light weight radiator WITH FAN saves 11.5 lbs WITH OUT FAN saves 12.5 lbs over stock
BR /Fluidyne small radiator 4.0 lbs
AMS small/half size radiator kit with 12 inch spal fan 5.0 lbs
AWD Motorsports drive shaft ''2 piece'' 26.1 lbs
Devo drive shaft ''2 piece'' 27.9 lbs
BR Race FMIC, 27.1#’s
BR BFIC, 29.9 #’s
BR Street FMIC, 23.7#’s
Small fluidyne radiator, 6.8 lbs
fairclough rear trans bracket .8 lbs
Perrin Intercooler 22.7 lbs
Avid drive side trans mount 3.5 lbs
Toxic Fab EGR block off plate 2.5 OZ's
Torque solutions trans mount 3.62 lbs
Torque solutions short shifter 11.6 OZ's
STM radiator brackets with bolts 7.6 OZ's
ToxicFab Ti cam sensor heat shield 1.6 OZ's
Koyo half rad. empty 6.3 lbs full 9.0 lbs
GTX3071R w/ Tial 0.82 A/R turbine housing 12.4lbs
Tial GT30 0.63 A/R turbine housing + CHRA hardware 4.4lbs
Investment cast stainless, 0.095" wall, v-band 4-1 collector - 2.8 lbs
AP front motor mount 1.26 lbs


AMS 3.0 turbo back exhaust
Buschur Racing 3.0 turbo back exhaust 23.0 lbs
MP-Fab 3.5 inch aluminum exhaust ''dp back'' 12.0 lbs
BR 3.5 DP back exhaust 27.5 lbs

BR mini battery kit 17.0 lbs
Spark tech NON cdi C.O.P. 2.0 lbs
GSR HIDs w/height adjustment 8.4 lbs
BR Lithium Pro C680 battery 4.5lbs and 5.5lbs with BR tray

exterior body
AMS carbon fiber roof - saves 45 lbs with sunroof - 16 lbs without sun roof - 7 lbs RS/MR roof
Downforce composites carbon fiber hood weighs 11lbs ''7.5 lbs lighter then stock hood''
Downforce composites carbon fiber trunk weighs 7 lbs ''15 lbs lighter then stock trunk''
Lexan front windshield, 8.0 lbs
Lexan rear window, 6.3lbs
VIS carbon hood 21.6 lbs
VIS carbon trunk 11.9

BR front seat lowering brackets 2lbs ''total''
NRG carbon seat with BR lowering brackets NO sliders 15.5 lbs

Stop Tech, 335 mm rotor, 17.5 pounds
Stop Tech, caliper, 11.5 pounds
Giro Disc front rotor, 17.4 pounds
Giro Disc rear rotor, 11.1 pounds
Giro Disc front Ultra lite rotor, 13#
Giro Disc rear Ultra lite rotor, 9#
Performance Friction front rotor, 17.8 pounds
Project Mu front rotor, 18 pounds
Bear front rotors, 15.8 pounds
Wilwood front rotor, 10#
Wilwood rear rotor, 6.4#
Baer Eradi Speed front rotor, 15.5#
Baer Eradi Speed rear rotor, 11.4#

Rims/Lugs nuts
Fortune Auto Ti lug nuts ''all 20'' 1.5 lbs
ARP extended wheel studs 12.2 OZ's
CBRE Ceramic front wheel bearing's 6.6 lbs
CBRE Ceramic rear wheel bearings 6.5 lbs


Apexi N1 coil overs weigh 34 lbs
Tein double adjustable aluminum coil overs 46 lbs
HKS Hypermax weighs 46.8 lbs
Tein Super Street coil overs weighs 52 lbs
MAGEN Racing coil overs ''street'' weighs 45 lbs
AP rear lower control arms 6.3lbs
DC Sports titanium bar, 2.4 lbs

Future parts we would like to see made from our vendors for more weight reduction

1. front evo 8/9 tubular k member
2. aluminum spindles

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Spot reserved for dan

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Post exact weights of weight reduction you have done!

I know this thread has been discussed alot but i thought it might be nice to make an official weight savings sticky ..

Please post the exact weights you saved over the stock component , and what exact product are you comparing too, thanks guys i will start it off .

This is from Buschur racing website *

60 lbs, the BR exhaust weighs in at 23 pounds.
Installation of Buschur Racing Mini Battery Kit: 20 lbs. The stock battery setup weighs 37lbs, the BR kit weighs in at 17 pounds.
Removal of Front Bumper Support: 13lbs.
Removal of Rear Bumper Support: 17 lbs.
Removal of Spare Tire, Jack, and Tool: 37 lbs.
Removal of Intake Bracket & EGR: 5lbs
Removal of FMIC Sprayer Bottle: 5.4lbs (empty) 11.5lbs.(full)
Installation of Buschur Racing Intake: 4.1 lbs.
Removal of Interior Sound Deadening & Padding: 17.5 lbs.
Replace Factory Rims w/ SSR Competiton 17" wheels: 6.4lbs (Weight loss using stock size/brand tires will be more, this is a total weight saved factory in the a larger tire (255/40/17).
Replace Factory Suspension w/ DMS Coilover Setup: 6.6 lbs. The DMS suspension weighs a total of 58 lbs. while stock is 64.6 lbs. OR You can use the HKS RS Suspension that has a total weight of 48 lbs. which will save you 10 more lbs.
Removal of AC Compressor & Condenser: 29.6 lbs.
Steering Column Plastic & Metal Insert: 1 lb.
Installation of Carbon Fiber Trunk w/ out wing: 10.6 lbs. The stock trunk weighs 22.5 lbs.with no wing.
Stop Tech 335 mm Front Brakes: 7.7 lbs.
DC Sports Front Strut Tower Brace: 4.9lbs.
Remove Brake Shield: 1.5 lbs.
A carbon fiber hood is HEAVIER than your stock hood. Our stock hood weighed 20.2 lbs. and the carbon fiber hood that we purchased but never installed was 21.6 lbs.
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Also, just to add.....

A full 3" aftermarket turboback w/ test pipe weighs in around 37-42 lbs depending on whos it is.
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Door Crash Beams (All 4 doors) 40
Front bumper support 13.4
OEM Rear Doors with everything aside from plastic 46
OEM Rear Door Glass Only 6
Front headlight Assemblies (Both HID) 15
OEM Hood 18.5
OEM Trunk (No wing) 22.5
Rear bumper support 17.1
Rear Wing 7
Rear wiper assembly 5
Under Car Brackets, hangers and braces 7
Front motormount subframe beam 8

Blower motor 6.8
Driver side airbag 5
Firewall Sound Deadening 14.2
Floor Mats 5
Front Seatbelts/mounts/bolts 10
Heater/AC Core 7.2
Metal steering column insert 1
Misc under dash Brackets/ducting 3
Passenger side airbag 6.1
Rear Seat / SeatBack 21
Rear Seatbelt stuff 10
Rear Speakers 8
Rear Seat Area Sound Deadening 6.5
Stock seats -> Summit seats (2) 35
Trunk Stuff / Carpeting / Wood / Spare / Jack 41
Dashbar 20ish

Brake dust shields 1.5
DC Sports Front Strut Tower Brace 5
DMS suspension 58
Front strut tower brace 8
HKS RS Suspension 48
Stock Rotors -> PF 2-piece rotors (Both front) 4
Stock Suspension 64.6

3" SS turbo-back exhaust system (Aftermarket) -> side exit exhaust 40
A/C Fan 6.4
AC Bracket 4
Catalytic Convertor 10.5
Compressor 14.1
Condensor w/ lines 9.8
Evap / Purge Stuff 9
FMIC Sprayer (Empty) 5.4
FMIC Sprayer (Full) 11.5
Intake Bracket & EGR 5
Intake Manifold (Stock) 7
Refrigerant 3.5
Stock Battery / Bracket -> Lightweight 18
Stock intake -> short metal intake w/ filter 4

Here is a better list for ya... I will update it periodically if I find new stuff. Otherwise if someone sends me thier info I can add it:

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sounds like a fully gutted racecar.
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As far as the A/C compressor and Condensor is concerned, are there any special plugs or caps that are needed to prevent debris from entering in the unit inside the cabin?
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Great review.. we just need to know how much your car weights .

I am not going to be as detailed as you but here are my weight savings:

Buschur Mini battery kit
Megan Racing Coilovers
K&N filter
main cat removal
Spare tire
Floor mats
Front crash beam removal

My Evo 8 MR weights with 1/8 of gas 3110lbs. Previous weight with stopck suspension was 3136lbs.

(Just for references) only other vehicles that I owned and weighted at the track while racing them:

03 WRX 3042lbs low gas, no spare tire, empty
91 Eclipse GSX 3110 lbs Low gas, no spare, empty
91 Civic SI 2190 lbs full tank gas,no spare tire,empty
98 GTI VR6 2626lbs low gas, no spare tire,empty
94 Stealth R/T TT 3750lbs no gas , no spare tire ,empty
06 GSR Evo 9 3280lbs full tank of gas,empty
05 BMW F650GS 502lbs full tank of gas,empty


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As far as plugs go I havent found them for the Evo but I am sure you could. Most cars you can buy a little rubber guy that covers the hole through the firewall. I assume thats what you meant.

My car weighs alot because of the huge 10-point cage in it. I still need to remove the door beams but with pretty much full interior (Aside from the rear seat stuff) it weighs ~2950 lbs 1/2 tank gas w/o driver.

I am still hoping to get it to around 2900 race weight so I still go another 200 to go
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Originally Posted by MR_Vengeance
sounds like a fully gutted racecar.
Aside from the cage and different seats the whole front interior looks stock. It just looks like an Evo that someone removed the rear seat out of. The exterior looks stock as well.
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I've been following Trina's gutting exercise for a bit now via search. With her and other endeavor's, I've been making a spreadsheet detailing stock weights and aftermarket (or delete) weights comparitively. Here is a snipet of it:

Stock Stock Weight Aftrmkt Comp Aftrmkt Comp Weight Weight Difference
Front Bumper Support 13.4 Delete 0 13.4
Rear Bumper Support 17.1 Delete 0 17.1
Front Headlight (each) 7 0 7
OEM Hood 20.2 CF Hood 20.2
OEM Trunk (No wing) 22.5 CF Trunk 12 10.5
Rear Wing 7 Delete 0 7
Rear Wiper Assembly 5 Delete 0 5
Driver Side Airbag 5 Delete 0 5
Passenger Side Airbag 6.1 Delete 0 6.1

VIII Enkei (each) 20.5 SSR Competitions 15.5 5
IX Enkei (each) 20.17 SSR Competitions 15.5 4.67
MR BBS (each) 17.74 SSR Competitions 15.5 2.24

Trunk Wood 4.62 Delete 4.62
Trunk Carpet 1.98 Delete 1.98
Spare Tire 31.46 Delete 31.46
Jack and tools 6.38 Delete 6.38
Full Wiper Fluid Tank 8.36 8.36
Trunk Trim 9 Delete 9

Front and Rear Carpet 6.6 Delete 32.78
Floor Mats 5 Delete 0 5
Rear Seat (bottom) 9.5 9.5
Rear Seat (top) 14.5 14.5
Front Seat (each) 32.78 Sparco Evo 26 6.78

Stock Muffler 19 Aftermarket 12 7
Stock Pipe To Muffler 16.5 Aftermarket 15 1.5
Stock Downpipe 10.5 Aftermarket 6 4.5
Stock Cat 12.5 Aftermarket 7 5.5
Rear Speakers 8 8
Front Strut (each) 21.8 Coilover 14 7.8
Rear Strut (each) 11.3 Coilover 11 0.3
Stock Battery 37 Mini Battery Kit 17 20
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ST, the stock radiator is 10lbs, and my PWR radiator is 12lbs. Not weight savings, but the stock weight is probably useful.

I also have the Megan catless exhaust with restonated test pipe at 40.2lbs, and the catless BR tbe at 30.2lbs including the hangers, nuts/bolts, and slip-fit clamps.
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