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Let's see YOUR track Evo

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Let's see YOUR track Evo

I'm starting to see a lot of track cars in various threads out and about, so I wanted to make a thread for those guys to share what they've learned with each other. Most of the info is out there, just looking to consolidate the stuff for us track lovers.

Rules: ONLY POST YOUR CAR. We don't need to see pictures of the Cyber Evo or the HKS car.

- List your current mods/parts
- Tell us about the state of the car when you first started tracking it, and how it evolved
- What things do you really like about the car and setup
- What things do you not like about the car or setup
- What are your future plans

I'll start....

2003 Evo 8


- 2.3L. Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, Eagle crank, ACL bearings, race balance shaft, fluidampre
- Kelford 272's, BC valve springs, 1mm OS valves. No porting or polishing
- ETS equal length manifold
- GT3076R with precision 5 bolt .63 A/R
- Buschur standard IC
- custom IC pipes, and intake box
- Manual boost control
- FIC 1450 injectors, Full Blown double pumps with hobbs switch, Fuel Labs adjustable FPR
- Accusump
- Highflow catch can
- E85
- 28 psi
- 500 whp, 455 ft-lb


- ACT HDSS clutch with Prolite flywheel
- Stock 5 speed
- Stock TC


- Robispec Club KWV3's. 10K front 11K rear
- Progress 25mm rear bar, set to max.
- Tien camber plates
- Stock bushings everywhere
- Random trunk bracing


- Girodisc 2 piece front rotors
- Raybestos ST43 front pads
- stock rear rotors
- Ferodo DS 2500 rear pads
- SS lines
- ATE Superblue fluid
- Custom ducting with velocity stacks at the bumper and nozzles at the calipers


- 18x9.5 +40 NT03's, with 25mm front spacers
- 265/35/18 BFG R1's


- Custom modified APR splitter with air damn. Sticks out farther, mounts to chassis and is adjustable. You can stand on it.
- Canards
- Flat Bottom
- Side skirts
- VG
- GT wing I built
- Rear diffuser I built


- No rear seats
- Sparco drivers
- Binary lowered stock Recaro passenger
- Sparco 5 and 6 point harnesses
- Harness bar
- Pedal covers
- Sparco Wheel
- Binary extended delrin shift knob
- Traqmate GPS data logger

Started tracking the car with basic bolts-ons making 320 whp. I was on lowering springs and a rear swaybar, upgraded lines, fluid and pads (DS2500's) and stock tires. That was tons of fun and after wearing out stock tires I moved up to 255 RA-1's. Way more grip and control and I wanted more suspension to help with body roll. But overall it was a great track setup for the money...

Got the KW's even though I wanted Ohlins. But Ohlins were sold out in the USA at the time I was ready. Realized I needed way less swaybar at that point. I ran it at max on the lowering springs, and with the KW's it needed to be on low combined with minimum bump on the rear shocks. This was a nice place to be in terms of parts/money/setup. I should have stayed here MUCH longer. But I had a leaky head gasket and had wanted to build a motor....

Built motor, added aero, got much bigger stickier tires, switched to E85 etc. So far it's been 3 track days and I'm still fixing issues and dialing in the car. Basically almost everything on the car changed and that was hard to deal with. The car became faster than I could just get in and drive. It's also a car I don't like to "waste" by driving on the street, so I've got a daily driver 2nd car.

Things I like:

- E85. Makes good power and is cheap.
- 2.3L and mid-sized turbo. There is no lag coming out of corners. And it makes more power than I need for now.
- Girodisc 2 piece rotors, ST43 pads and ducting. I now have as much stopping power as I want. And no fade issues.
- BFG R1's. Mmmmm grip.
- Big wing, Big splitter
- How the car runs now after 2 years of sorting.

Things I don't like:

- Surging. BOV choice is really important for a track car. My forge valve was worthless and made the car undrivable. I think the APS will work.
- All the cutting, rolling and work needed to run bigger tires. I had done a fair amount of work, but the BFG's took even more to not rub. You gotta work for the big tires to not rub at the track.
- All the effort it takes to run a high power car. I just showed up with the bolt-on car 320whp car. The built car is always got something that needs work. It will get better once it's fully sorted, but shakedowns and sorting takes a lot of effort.
- The big splitter and stock rear wing - it made the car really loose in the rear end at speed. The big wing and rear diffuser made the car much more stable.
- Sorting issues on the car every track day for over a year.


- Maybe gutting and putting in a cage if it turns into a track ONLY car.

UPDATE: Wing done and rear diffuser.

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Big splitter, stock wing = SUCK.
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Some data from the track.

Speed through turn 1: 133 mph
Max braking G force: .9
Max turning G's: 1.17

Speed through turn 1: 147 mph
Max braking G force: 1.2
Max turning G's: 1.25

When you are awesome you paint an arc around the friction circle at max grip level. For now I dip into the max areas and transition from brakes/turning and so forth under the grip limit.

Name:  traqmatedata.png
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Thermal images of the brakes, trying out some stuff for later testing. Looking to make a data comparison to stock rotors.

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If you don't mind me asking, where did you get those short little wire rope slings that attach to the turnbuckles for your splitter support?
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I will play along, though mines is pretty tame:

Name:  l_a175e2b72f297b323d8d37216fa17fda.jpg
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IX MR, stock except for a Works AB muffler replacement (to eliminate the valve), Works filter, Binary lowering bracket for driver seat, CG Lock, Ferrodo pads and some POS RE050A PP tires (just won't wear out)

She retired her last month, so might do a street build with bolt-ons and a 100 oct map since it is available here
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2006 Evo 9 MR W SSE pkg

13,000 miles!


- Stock Block
- Stock Cams
- Stock Manifold
- Stock Turbo
- CBRD Intercooler
- Apexi N1 Exhaust
- DC Sprots Down Pipe
- Perrin Intake
- Custom IC pipes
- Stock BOV (was Dual Port - sucked)
- ECU Controlled Boost
- CBRD Radiator
- Carbing catch can
- JM Fab mini Battery
- 22 PSI
- 320 whp Mustang Dyno


- Stock 6 speed
- Stock TC
- Stock Clutch
- Extra ACD for Flashing


- CBRD Spec'd Ohlin's DFV
- Hotchkiss 25mm rear bar, set to mid.
- Ohlin camber plates
- Front Steering prescision kit
- Rear Bump Steer Kit
- AMS Trailing Arm Bushing
- Cusco Trunk cage Brace
- Cusco Under Chassis Ladder frame Brace


- Performance Friction 2 piece front rotors
- DS3000 front pads (haven't run these yet Was HT-10 then DS2500)
- stock rear rotors
- Ferodo DS 2500 rear pads
- SS lines
- Motul fluid
- AMS ducting with Airplane intake at the bumper


- EVO X Wheels Painted White & Stock SE Wheels
- Advans, R888's


- Carbing Alum Undertray
- Tow hooks


- No rear seats
- Binary lowered both seats (THANKS!)
- Takata Harnesses
- Autopower Roll Bar Painted GG
- Autovation Aluminum Pedals
- MaxQData
- Defi BF Red Oil Press, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Boost, & EGT
- DefiLink
- Gruupe S Panel
- Custom CF Vent Panel
- Greddy Turbo Timer
- Sparco Wheel

Started tracking the car with basic bolts-ons the same way as OP, and caught the 'bug'

Things I like:

- For the money (which is still relatively a lot) this car is FAST.

Things I don't like:

- Heavy
- Hard on tires
- Hard on Brakes
- Hard on Gas
- Alot of Maintenance (change all fluids after 2-3 events


- Sell and get a spec miata or spec E30
- I wanted to go with a BBK and Cams, oil cooler and some more odds and ends but...

Seriously! This car has been a TON of fun, but to track it regularly is getting expensive. Plus since I bought this car new with a sticker price of 37K the amount invested is high and to wreck it would be a disaster. I love this car but will be selling it soon. I want to have a track dedicated car that I'm not making any payments on!

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Before Ohlins

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booo ^ keep it man your car is bad ***... see ya thursday?
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Originally Posted by Silver06evo9mr View Post
booo ^ keep it man your car is bad ***... see ya thursday?
thanks! yup
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Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
-MISHIMOTO radiator
-MISHIMOTO air diversion plate
-MISHIMOTO silicone radiator hoses
-MISHIMOTO slim fan
-MISHIMOTO thermostat
-AMSOIL fluids
-MIL.SPEC 100 cell catalyic conveter
-Cosworth 272 M2 camshafts
-ETS 3inch front mount intercooler
-ETS 2.5inch lower IC pipe
-Forge MBC
-AEM short-ram intake
-Megan 3inch TBE
-Walbro 255lph fuel pump
-Precision Turbo Engine 780cc fuel injectors
-ACT heavy duty clutch w/ Streetlite flywheel
-ARP head studs
-Road Race Engineering front motor mount
-42 draftdesigns water temp housing
-SUN Auto Hyper Grounding kit
-SUN Auto Hyper Voltage type MR

Suspension Modifications:
-ROBISPEC aligned and corner balanced
-ROBISPEC KW Clubsport 2-way adj. coilovers
-Whiteline roll center kit
-K-Mac camber/caster plates
-ROBISPEC KW Clubsport 2-way adj. coilovers
-ROBISPEC 26mm 4-way adj. swaybar
-ROBISPEC swaybar endlinks
-Whiteline rear bump steer bushings
-Whiteline trailing arm bushings
-Cusco pillowball top mounts

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
-Konig 18x9 +30 runaways
-Falken Azenis RT-615 255/40/18 (street)
-RAYS Gram Light 57 maximum 17x9 +22
-Nitto NT05 255/40/17 (track)
-Brembo 4-pot calipers
-EBC slotted/dimpled rotors
-Performance Friction brake pads
-Road Race Engineering stainless brake lines
-MOTUL RBF600 brake fluid
-Konig 18x9 +30 runaways
-Falken Azenis RT-615 255/40/18 (street)
-RAYS Gram Light 57 maximum 17x9 +22
-Nitto NT05 255/40/17 (track)
-Brembo 2-pot calipers
-Brembo rotors
-Performance Friction brake pads
-Road Race Engineering stainless brake lines
-MOTUL RBF600 brake fluid

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
-PROSPORT 60mm Premium boost gauge
-PROSPORT 60mm Premium oil temp gauge
-PROSPORT 60mm Premium water temp gauge
-PROSPORT 60mm Premium oil pressure gauge
-PROSPORT oil filter adaptor plate
-WorksBell Rapfix II quick release
-WorksBell short hub
-MOMO mod-8 350mm steering wheel
-Gruppe-S gauge panel
-HKS turbo timer
-OEM radio relocation kit
-Schroth Rallye 4 4-point harness
-APR GTC-200 spoiler
-APR front air dam
-baller yellow tow hook

- Tell us about the state of the car when you first started tracking it, and how it evolved

well what you see is what you get. I found my new addiction when I first tracked it back in June of last year. They more I went to track events, the more I noticed that I was running with some of the faster cars. Thats when deciced to compete in the Redline Time Attack this year and so far I have placed 1st in "Stock Class" at the season opener at Buttonwillow Raceway and another 1st place finish at Willow Springs.

This is all done with my car only pushing 330whp power wise, having it RobiSpec'd out and only a handfull of track days under my belt...

- What things do you really like about the car and setup

the suspension feel is like no other...

- What things do you not like about the car or setup

its a money pit...

- What are your future plans

More power and port work done through Aby at Mil.Spec. Which will enable me to be more competitive in Street Class...

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Originally Posted by EvolvedMR View Post

- Sell and get a spec miata or spec E30
that is why mine retired
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- List Your Current Mods/Parts

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
- RMR Air Induction
- Apexi GT Catback Exhaust
- DC Sports Downpipe
- Forge UNOS Manual Boost Controller
- Forge RS DV
- Walbro 255 lph Fuel Pump
- Fidanza 3.2 4-Puck Kevlar Clutch
- ACT Prolite 10.5 lb Flywheel
- SmikeEvo Flash (ECU retuned by me)
- AMS Lower Intercooler Pipe
- ARP Head Studs
- Power Ent. 1.2mm Head Gasket
- AMS Front Mount Intercooler
- EvoPowerMods External O2 Dump
- AMS Lower Engine Mount
- Amsoil MTG transmission fluids
- Mitsubishi Diaqueen LSD fluids used in TC and Diff

Suspension Modifications:
- Bilstein HD Struts Custom Valving
- Swift Spec R Springs
- Swift Stabilizer Bars
- Poly Rear Differential Bushings

Wheels/Tires/Brakes Modifications:
- One set of silver OE rims (with r-comps on them)
- One set of black painted OE rims (Z1's on them)
- Satisfied GS5 (AX/Street) and Hawk HT10 (race) and Axxis ULT Brake Pads (both)
- Amsoil DOT4 fluid
- Technafit SS Braided Brake lines
- HLM Brake Duct Cooling Kit
- 235/45/17 Goodyear F1 All-Seasons (DD 60% remaining)
- 245/45/17 Dunlop Z1* Extreme Summers (DD/Rain Race 50% remaining)
- 255/50/17 Kuhmo V700 Race Compound (Race 8 AX events on them - 40% left)

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
- HLM Tow Hooks
- Carbon Fiber Front Lip
- Vortex Generator
- Wicker Bill

- Tell us about the state of the car when you first started tracking it, and how it evolved

About 40whp and 60 wtq less, street tires, Megan Track suspension. Evolved to testing spring/strut/sway combos - adding power, better tires, more parts (ducts, susp, hp mods, tires, brakes...)

- What things do you not like about the car or setup

Very expensive to run at the highest level.

- What are your future plans

Currently up for sale. Getting a cheaper platform that is more suitable for cross-country drives, but can still race.

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Very first track day:
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Heres my so called "track car"

Giro Disc 2 piece rotors + SB brake lines
Work's flash +tune + Blitz drop in filter
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^^ nice turbo. .
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'06 IX SE 90k Mi (updated 12/2010)
Name:  5023431858_2eff5ed99a_o.jpg
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- Vibrant Filter Adapter with AmsOil Cone Filter
- Modified Buschur 3" TBE with Mil.Spec Cat
- PPI Lower I/C Pipe
- Forge MBC
- DG Motors Dyno Tuned


- Race flashed ACD computer
- ZakLee Aluminum Shifter bushings


- Custom Valved MR Bilsteins
- Swift Spec-R GSR Springs
- Noltec Caster/Camber Plates
- Adjustable Front Sway-bar Brackets


- Advan TCII 17x9.5 +35
- Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec 265/40/17
- Ichiba 15mm bolt-on hubcentric spacers (front)
- Rotorpros Blank rotors
- RacingBrake ET800 pads
- Gruppe-S Braided Stainless lines
- ATE Super Blue Fliud


- Binary seat lowering brackets
- eBay "RalliArt" shift knob
- Schroth Rallye-4 ASM harness
- Relocated Radio
- Gruppe-S Three Gauge Panel
- 60mm Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges
- Alcantara Covered Dash


- Vortex Generator

Parts awaiting install:

- Whiteline Rear Bump-Steer Kit
- Whiteline Front Roll-Center Kit
- Tanabe Front Sway Bar

The state of the car when you first started tracking it, and how it evolved:

- Started auto-xing till the stock tires were completely gone
- Upgraded wheels and tires and kept doing auto-x and started doing track days
- Decided to step it up and do some Time Attack
- Upgraded suspension basics (shocks, springs, bushings)
- Added a little power

Things you really like about the car and setup

- Nothing major has needed to be replaced yet
- It has taken everything I've thrown at it without a single complaint
- It is faster around the track than many other cars that have been significantly modded
- The stock Brembos are very capable with a good set of pads

Things you do not like about the car or setup

- Too much understeer
- Too much body roll, contributing to...
- Excessive tire wear and less than optimal grip
- Replacing fluids all the time gets expensive

Future plans

- Ported/Coated Exhaust Manifold
- O2 Housing
- Custom Intercooler
- Front Splitter
- Rear Diffuser or anti-parachute panel
- Fixed-back Racing Seat and 5-pt Harness
- Big Rear Sway Bar
- TRE Rear Diff Upgrade
- Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch
- 18" Wheels and Tires
- Second car for daily use

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Okay here's my work in progress

HKS Cams
Exedy Twin HD Clutch and Flywheel
ShepTrans T-Case
Perring Shifter Bushings
AEM Intake
K&N Filter
TurboXS BOV/Boost Controller
Megan Manifold
FP SS 02 Housing
Custom 3" Straight Pipe Turbo-Back
other odds and ends

Tanabe 7-Series Coilovers
Tanabe Pro210 Springs
Tanabe Front and Rear Swaybars
Energy Suspensions Bushings
Perrin PSRS kit w/ Adjustable Caster
Tanabe Underbracing

StopTech Front BBK
ABS Eliminated
Brembo GT rear BBK
BFGoodrige SS Lines
Motul Fluids

Sumitoma HTR Z III's. 255/40/17

Enkei NT03+M's 17x8.5

Complet Strip and Cage 6pt Cage
Sparco Seat
Sparco Steering Wheel
G-Force Harnesses

APR GT Front Bumper w/ Canards
APR Underbody Diffuser
APR GT Mirrors
Seibon CF Hood

Lots of stuff not listed, including blood, sweat, and tears..

And sorry for the outdated pics, I will try to post new ones soon

State of car when I got it:
Completely Riced out from top to bottom

Future Plans:
To race the hell outta it and try to afford maintnance, lol

What I like:
Fast, Great Handling, Great Braking, and easy to correct mistakes

What I don't like:
Expensive to maintain, very unreliable so far

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Name:  SeatInstalledPSide.jpg
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Name:  RearRollCagepic.jpg
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Name:  SparcoWheel.jpg
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Name:  SparcoSeatFront.jpg
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Name:  NewBushingsinstalled.jpg
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Name:  MeganManifoldInstalled.jpg
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Name:  FrontEndnoBumper.jpg
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Size:  49.8 KB

And lots, lots more to come.. She should be up and running in around 2 weeks as soon as I get my turbo in and the t-case back. Interested to see how she will perform with these Sumitoma's..

I <3

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2006 EVO 9 SE - Just flipped 15K miles

I believe in the 80/20 rule..... 80% of the performance for 20% of the cost. Therefore I have very limited mods .... track time track time track time.... the 15k miles are almost all track miles!!!


1. ETS 3" FMIC - Appearance Mod (Maybe helps maybe not)
2. JDM Rear Bumper -Appearance Mod (Maybe some weight/drag reduction)
3. Ebay TBE with less riced out Magnaflow muffler
4. ECUFlash home grown tune and ECU boost control
5. Perrin Rear Sway Bar
6. RobiSpec Springs
7. ST-43 Track pads (w/cheapest rotors I can find)
8. BFG R1 255/40/17 Track Tires (favorite so far 10.5" wide)
9. Zeitronix WB and MAP for tuning and monitoring
10. And lets not forget the sweet smell of 110 octane turbo blue race fuel!
11. Triple A gold card.... just in case!

I had an 03 before this so all mods transferred over upon purchase. Car was tracked first week I owned it.
Future plans ..... MORE TRACK TIME! (maybe replace stock clutch)
Likes.... It's just as fast as much more extensively modified EVOs. Simply love the car.
Dislikes.... More and more idiots buying EVOs these days due to price drop.

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can i just post me on the track? this is my DD...but it does some track duty...
2004 Evo 8 RS (i just hit 56,000 miles) Stock Block.

It has:
FP Green (ported/coated),
O2 Pipe (coated),
Stock Manifold (ported/coated),
HKS 272 cams,
HKS RS Intake w/ Amsoil Filter,
Custom UICP
APS Twin Vent BOV,
3in TBE (no cat),
ACT HD clutch,
Prolite flywheel,
Shepp Stage 2 T-case,
Odessey PC680 mini batt
Evolution Dynamics Mini Battery Mount,
KW Variant 3,
Greddy EBC,
TephraMOD ECU,
Aquamist HFS-5 @100% meth! @ 30psi...

I like the quick spool and TQ from the meth and Green.
the KW V3s....(although the need tuned)
want more power
and need a set of track brakes. (i was running Hawk HPS and stock fluid, now i have Ferrodo 2500 and Amsoil Fluid....see if that helps)
and meth runs out after a 25min session.

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Video of me passing a CTS-V out of a corner....

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