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Ultimate Rattle & Noise Fixes for Evo X

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I'm looking at a 2012 with a rattle by the driver's side b-pillar. It was originally two different rattles:

1) High frequency rattle that happened a few times on a drive that went away when the window was pressed. Sounds like an insect flying near your ear. This ended up being the sliding window bracket bolts in the TSB and it's no longer an issue.

2) Lower frequency rattle (2-3 times a second) that happens almost all the time on all but the smoothest road surface at all speeds. Happens with both driver's side windows up or down.

I'm trying to fix (2). I've pulled off the door card and secured the cables - the rattle hasn't moved or changed in any way. I'm 100% sure it's not the upper seat belt button, bracket, or really anything related to the seat belt. It's hard to isolate where it's coming from, but it sounds like it's from higher up on the b-pillar near the head liner. Maybe even inside the b-pillar. Any suggestions?
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Maybe I'm only 90% sure it's not the seat belt. It ended up being something with this bracket or the bolts that hold it on to the body.

EDIT: It was the top bolt for the bracket. It looks like there's something inside the b-pillar that touches it when it's tightened. The noise is gone when the bolt has a small washer on it.

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Originally Posted by migs647 View Post
B-Pillar Seat-Belt Adjustment Rattle
Use felt on the inside of the button and the inside of the slider.

The rattle in my b-pillar was coming from the seat belt position button. Here's how I fixed it.

1. This is the seat belt position button.
2. Hold button down.
3. With button held down, add a strip of felt (with sticky back) about 1" x 1/4".
4. Release button and the felt strip should slide behind the plastic with a snug fit.

I can attest that this works. My Evo has been having a plastic rattle at all speeds at the driver's front. At first I thought it had something to do with the door card, but it actually went away only after I applied some felt on the B-pillar seatbelt adjuster.

Originally Posted by lancerarmstrong View Post
Sick of hearing that nasty plastic rattle to the right of you when you drive? I'm here to save your day. Being a professional installer such as myself, I've always wondered why mitsubishi didn't do what the other japanese auto makers were doing to counteract rattles/noises.

Step 1: Remove glove box. Open glove box, to the right of the glove box there is a piston that is snapped on to the glovebox itself, just pop that off towards the right. Then press the sides of the glovebox in a bit, enough to let the catches come out. Let it drop and then you can pull it out.

Step 2: Grab yourself some flexible self-adhesive felt. I got mine from JO-ANNS fabrics, but you can also get yourself some from any other place old ladies go to shop. Mine looks like this:

There are several kinds of self-adhesive fabric, but you want the kind that is somewhat thin, and flexible. This brand here works very, very well for what we're doing.

Step 3: In case you haven't already realized, there are 4 points your glovebox rests on while it is SHUT. There are two catches (one on each side) that move in and out when you pull on the handle, and then there are the pivot points. These are the points that we are going to cover with felt, because some moron at mitsubishi decided it wasn't a good idea to spend an extra half of a cent to get rid of a rattle problem.

This is the side catch. Cut it a little oversized and then put it on. Once it's on you can take a pair of very sharp cloth scissors and trim it to match the edge of the plastic exactly.

In the above picture is one of the two pivot points you will also be covering with felt. I did a no-no and under-sized mine. You'll once again want to over-size it, put it on, then cut it to match the edges.

Once it's on give them a good rub to be sure of adhesion and you're all set! Put the glovebox in the exact opposite way you took it out. If you can't figure that out then maybe you shouldn't be driving at all.

You'll notice immediately it's a much tighter fit, which is good. This will dramatically reduce rattles from the glovebox, if not completely stop them like it did on mine. This technique works for all kinds of things in the car. Have a rattly dash? Just put felt on the white aligator clips and it goes away! This is what honda, nissan, and toyota all have from the factory and I never understood why mitsubishi doesn't do the same..
I can attest that this also works and it works great. It killed my glove box rattle entirely.

Added photos:

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I used speaker carpet for the rear deck, it worked. It sounded horrible when the bass hit .
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Sorry. Repeat post.

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Originally Posted by alfredoaal View Post
Hello, my car (2014 Evo X GSR) has only a couple of months and 1000 miles but since day one it has so many rattles and vibrations! it drives me crazy!, but there is a particular vibration that I hate the most, in neutral or any gear when I get to 2k rpm I get a vibration behind the AC controls. I've pulled apart almost the entire dash and discovered the cause but I don't know how to fix it, the vibration comes from this white box

Any help please? the vibration only comes when I'm at 2k rpm, I know is not a luxury car but it has so many rattles!!
Originally Posted by legacyGSR View Post
I have the same vibration at 2k rpm in my new '15 GSR with 250 miles on it. It comes and goes though, really annoying.
Sorry having to revive this thread. Did anyone or legacyGSR resolve this issue? How to resolve any idea? Driving me crazy. Thank you.
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cool thread!
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